President Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

President Weeks introduced the club officers:

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Chet Blake

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Don Bailey

15 Club Members were in attendance – Doug Hoff and Paul Miller

March Minutes correction…Ron Swift mentioned there was a mistake in the membership count reported. It was reported once at 42, then in the minutes as 43. The correct count is 43.

Motion to accept minutes with correction, seconded and passed.


Vice President –Vince reported the Night fly went well with good attendance. Upcoming events include Glider event 5/18, Work party 5/11, Builder’s Contest 6/11 and Floats & Boats 6/15

Secretary – Chet reported 43 members

Treasurer –Vaughan reported the Club was in good financial status.

Safety Officer – Don reported no safety issues everything seems to be going well. He reminded that the Glider event was coming up and pilots should go over their planes and equipment to be ready.

Field Manager –Bryan reported for he and Jay that a lot is being accomplished. They are continually working on the container to get it in user friendly status and continuing on the car track pilots stand.

Newsletter Editor – Hard copies available, always interested in pics and articles.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website.


The AMA is once again asking for member support emailing the FAA about further rules and regulations in our hobby. Mark has put a link on the website and Chet will broadcast an email with the AMA request page.

Work party rescheduled to May 11th. 10:00 am to mid day. Many hands make short work of big jobs. Come out and do your part to help maintain the Club. This is everyone’s Club, everyone enjoys it, everyone should help out.

Mark suggests building a more secure semi permanent shelter at the south end of the parking area where the white awning was last year. Vaughan is donating metal roofing and Mark will donate the 4x4s and whatever wood we need to get it erected. This would make an All Season cover that can be used in wet winter and spring months. As time goes on it can be enclosed more for harsh weather use.

Ranger Dave was contacted about possible clean up of the fallen barn wood close to our drive. We asked if we could move it over to the end of the runway just south of the dirt pile and start burning it. We need this cleaned up so trucks (Dart?) can get in and deliver more gravel to areas we are trying to improve and maintain. Dave was asked about using the excavator to help move the wood since it has a clam bucket on it. He will advise what he feels can be done and possible report by next meeting.

The issue of painting the container came up due to Scout Camping season coming up in a couple months. The container is easily seen from the lodge and the better we make it look, the better the Scouts will appreciate it. Roof work needs to be completed so the tarps can come off and requests for paint sprayer equipment was made to make this short work. There are generators and air compressors available to handle the sprayers if any are available.

Jin Reynolds has graciously offered 3 gal of mobile roof coating and has offered to buy the necessary wood to finish the car track stand. It still needs some floor pieces, steps, back safety rails and plywood for the elevated part to use as a set up table of work table as needed. Bryan and jay will estimate what is needed and contact Jim. Thank you Jim for your offer! (correction, this is (3) 5 gal pails).


Mark reported that the recent work party went really well, 14 members showed up to lend a hand. Lots of projects were tackled. Awning covers were installed, flight table was built, debris moved out of drive on north end of barn, car track railing installed, container was pressure washed, Dirt moved and grass killer spread. Chet went out Monday and applied a coat of Thompson’s Water Seal on the new flight table.

Mark asked for a motion to build 2 more flight tables. Motion made, seconded and passed. Chet will purchase wood and kit up another 2 tables in the near future.

Richard Primo donated a nearly new BBQ grill and 2 propane tanks. Perfect timing as the current is getting pretty old and quite fussy at times. Thank you Richard!

We need to paint the container. Mark will be asking ideas for paint color. Don will paint a tree type mural so the container will be astatically pleasing. If weather holds out this might happen 5/25

The Mowing sign up sheet is on line. At the time of the meeting, there were 9 slots filled out of 25 available. Chet mentioned that he talked to the President of the Arlington Eagles and they have to pay $50 pr cutting since there are no volunteers within the club. If that is equivalent to our 25 week cut schedule that would be $1250 pr year. If we would ever have to do that membership dues would definitely go up in all categories. Please sign up and contribute to the success of our field.  

Mark mentioned that the latest Model Aviation magazine had a really good article about all members being an ambassador for the Club. Each of us represent what the community or interested people see as the Club. Be welcoming at the field or meetings, share experiences, bring someone with you, get people hooked on RC. That helps secure the future of the hobby and the Club.

Jim Stewart mentioned he has a tractor with a brush hog and could be made available in July or Aug to re-cut the field where Mark did and possibly extend it more. Sweet!!


Don Bailey brought a friend (Dave) who races sail boats and he put on a show and tell with pics and videos from the various sail boat race events. He explained the classes, size and weights of the boats and the rules. It was a very interesting and instructive presentation. Thank you Dave!


Paul Miller joined the Club at the end of the meeting bringing our membership to 44

Red Apple flyers will host the AMA Jamboree on June 7, 8 & 9. There should be lots of vendors, hobbyist, events and AMA personnel there. It should be well worth a trip over the mountain!

Remember to have your FAA number on your aircraft. This is not a rule the Club will police, but a reminder that any Club is low hanging fruit and easy to inspect if the FAA is in town.


Respectfully Submitted by Chet Blake  BBMAC Secretary