President Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

President Weeks introduced the club officers:

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Chet Blake

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Don Bailey

14 Club Members were in attendance – No Visitors or Guests were in attendance

March Minutes correction…Ron Swift mentioned that the cost of $4 pr patch was in error and should have referenced $5 pr patch. The March 12 Minutes shows … “Motion was made, seconded and passes for Sandy to make Freeze-In 2019 patches at $4 ea.” This will be discussed at the May meeting.

Motion to accept minutes with correction, seconded and passed.


Vice President –Vince reported Night Fly 4/20

Secretary – Chet reported 43 members

Treasurer –Vaughan reported the Club was in good financial status with some more dues coming in.

Safety Officer – Don reported no safety issues. Don reminded that the spring/summer flying season will be upon us soon. Be sure to check out those stored models, batteries and equipment before heading out to the field to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

Field Manager – The April 6 work party was cancelled due to too many members not available to plan any work and be successful. This will be rescheduled. Floor work is continuing on the container. Jay has rebuilt the mower deck and serviced the tractor. It is now in the container.

Newsletter Editor – Hard copies available, always interested in pics and articles.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website.


Update on the FAA drone labeling. The FAA has now ruled that the FAA number MUST be displayed on the outside of any drone (all r/c aircraft) weighing over .55 lb (250 gram). The numbers can no longer be concealed in the battery hatch or inside the fuselage.

Membership dues were due by End Of Business at this meeting.

Barn news- most of the BBMAC possessions are retrieved from the barn and stored in the container. As stated, Jay has the mower at his house for annual refurb. The location of the Porta Potties against the south east barn wall was putting them in peril of being crushed if he barn walls continue to fall. Bryan, Mark, Vince and Chet moved them to a new location on the south end near the container.

With the barn scattered as it is, parking can be tight on a nice weekend. Please park as straight and close as possible on the north and off to the side as much on the south. Parking in front of the Frequency board should be avoided so everyone can see it as a reminder to use the card rack.

Please sign in when at the field with date and appx. time. Info is used to see field use and also if anyone noticed any peculiar happenings on any given date.

Barn is OFF LIMITS to BBMAC members and visitors. There have been a few visitors combing thru rubble and taking wood. The barn is considered VERY UNSTABLE. Please keep clear. IF an incident should happen, beside your personal safety at risk, it could cause restrictions from the Scouts as to field availability. Please help preserve our great relations with the Scouts and stay away from the barn.

Chet received the AMA Leader status questionnaire. Ron Swift will fill it out and send in to the AMA for the Clubs recognition. We are 17 or 18 yrs as Gold Leader.

Jay’s work list includes… service lawn tractor, permanently set frequency board posts, make more flight stations, repair container rood leaks and floor, eliminate the cumbersome container door security lock box, set up Porta Potties in permanent location, drive on south end needs to be extended and graveled, continue car track drivers stand railing and steps, move dirt pile by entrance (fill in low areas by container) and requests as they come in. There is Lots to do, please attend the work parties and help make large undertakings relatively small work with many hands.

The Membership requested Bryan to talk to Ranger Dave and see if the Scouts have come up with a plan for the remaining barn. The south and south east walls are pushing out daily and could become an extreme liability. Bryan will report as hears any news.

Visitor Mike Small joined the Club at the end of the meeting and brought our total to 42 Paid members


The AMA is once again asking for member support emailing the FAA about further rules and regulations in our hobby. Mark has put a link on the website and Chet will broadcast an email with the AMA request page.

Work party rescheduled to May 11th. 10:00 am to mid day. Many hands make short work of big jobs. Come out and do your part to help maintain the Club. This is everyone’s Club, everyone enjoys it, everyone should help out.

Mark suggests building a more secure semi permanent shelter at the north end of the parking area where the white awning was last year. Vaughan is donating metal roofing and Mark will donate the 4x4s and whatever wood we need to get it erected. This would make an All Season cover that can be used in wet winter and spring months. As time goes on it can be enclosed more for harsh weather use.

Ranger Dave was contacted about possible clean up of the fallen barn wood close to our drive. We asked if we could move it over to the end of the runway just south of the dirt pile and start burning it. We need this cleaned up so trucks (Dart?) can get in and deliver more gravel to areas we are trying to improve and maintain. Dave was asked about using the excavator to help move the wood since it has a clam bucket on it. He will advise what he feels can be done and possible report by next meeting.

The issue of painting the container came up due to Scout Camping season coming up in a couple months. The container is easily seen from the lodge and the better we make it look, the better the Scouts will appreciate it. Roof work needs to be completed so the tarps can come off and requests for paint sprayer equipment was made to make this short work. There are generators and air compressors available to handle the sprayers if any are available.

Jim Reynolds has graciously offered 3 - 5 gallon buckets of mobile roof coating for the container. Thank you Jim for your offer!

.PROGRAM – Mark and Chet demonstrated how to set up Buddy Box system for flight training. There was some issues encountered with the wired buddy system, possibly a bad buddy cord. Chet will pin his out to see if it’s ok. They then did a WiFi binding and all went well. The Spectrum series transmitters can wirelessly bind and make training more convenient without being tethered by the buddy cord. One note is the the DXe series of transmitters Do Not have buddy capability, they MUST be connected via WiFi.

Red Apple flyers will host the AMA Jamboree on June 7, 8 & 9. Should be lots of vendors, hobbyist, events and AMA personnel there. It should be well worth a trip over the mountain!


Remember to have your FAA number on your aircraft. This is not a rule the Club will police, but a reminder that any Club is low hanging fruit and easy to inspect if the FAA is in town.

Mark showed a list of proposed field projects that include: gravel south end of field around container, Move dirt by barn to proposed Heli area, erect safety fence in front of south awnings, brush hog field again going further towards creek, finish car track and drivers stand, clean debris from barn/drive area, possible final home for Porta Potties, build 3 or 4 new flight tables, paint all flight tables, add lighting to container – possible solar panels and batteries, build container entrance ramp, remove large cumbersome container door lock box, cut down cherry tree. These are in no specific order, necessity will warrant priorities.


Respectfully Submitted by Chet Blake  BBMAC Secretary