President Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:29:32 PM

President Weeks introduced the club officers:

  • President – Mark Weeks
  • Vice President – Vince Bell
  • Secretary – Chet Blake
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer – Don Bailey

15 Club Members were in attendance –Visitor Doug Hoff was in attendance

No corrections to the Minutes as posted. Motion to accept minutes as posted were seconded and passed.


Vice President –Vince reported that the Night Fly held of Sat 11/10 was a huge success, 16 attendees with 14 being pilots

Secretary – We have 41 members

Treasurer – We are in good financial standing. $1600 was paid out for the container that now calls Hanners’ Memorial Field it’s home.

Safety Officer – Things are really going well on the Safety Front no issues. Keep in mind as we hit the colder months to dress appropriately. It’s easier to over dress and shed as needed compared to not being prepared making it an uncomfortable outing.

Field Manager – Jay and Bryan took receipt of a 40’ container for the Club a couple weeks ago. It’s set up back behind the tree hill side area. It needs some roof and floor repairs but they deemed it worthy of the $1600 price tag they bartered for. Currently there is a blue tarp over it due to some roof leaks that need repair. Jay and Bryan are working on an access ramp to start moving the Club’s belonging from barn to it. Jay and Bryan have also been working on the car track trailer floor to use it as a driver’s stand. Work continues…

Newsletter Editor – Hard copies available, always interested in pics and articles.

Webmaster – Input has been slow. Keep in mind that the website is seen by anyone on the internet, let’s keep the Club image looking as great and active as it really is.


Tues. Oct 10, President signed the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 into law. Although not perfect for us, an ongoing effort is still being made by the AMA, now finally recognized as a community based organization. We are to follow the AMA rules as usual.

The Budget was reviewed for 2019, voted on and approved. Dues will remain at $90 for 2019.

We might have to wait until next spring to buy a shed or container, it is uncertain at this time. With that in mind we will continue to use the barn, be careful, its showing its age.

The Combat event wasn’t a total failure. It showed that many engines aren’t up to snuff. It was suggested that next spring there be an engine clinic for members to attend and practice setting up properly for good results. We will notify everyone when that is set up.

October starts the nomination process for Executive Board seats. Nominations were as follows.


President Mark Weeks had made mention of the Scouts and the use of their excavator. Big shout out to them and a grateful acknowledgement that they help make us (Club) successful. Thanks to Ron Rueter for running the excavator all day, moving and leveling a large area where the container sets now. Chet reminded that Mark ran the excavator quite a bit Monday to finish up some areas and further finesse the area. Jay and Bryan are working on the trailers and soon the Club will have the opportunity to offer suggestions and wishes for the container.

It has been suggested to move the porta-potties south near the same area to eliminate the possibility of damage due to the aging barn pieces falling (or walls).

Bryan reported that he and Jay went to the Lodge and the container was really ‘visible’ and that will lead to painting it. Chet suggested painting trees on it like the cities do with water tanks and Don Bailey has experience in that department. He volunteered to paint a mural to allow it to set into the scheme of the area.

Our Annual Christmas Party is Dec 8. 3:00 to 6:00pm at the Camp Pigott Lodge. As the time grows near Chet will send out an invitation and directions to it. As always, there is a voluntary gift exchange. Woman brings a woman gift and Guy brings a guy gift. $15 price range is recommended.

Mark mentioned that he wished he could have made the night fly, heard it was a huge success and the weather was very good for a November day/evening.

Ron Swift announced that the NWMH Expo will be 2 days this year, Jan 26 and 27. A motion was made, seconded and passed to have the Club purchase a $50 Club Booth for the event. Ron said the Club gets free swap meet tables for the use of the Buzzards name on the event.

Chet brought up the idea of rewarding the Camp Rangers for all the help they offer weather offering machines (excavator, tractor, mower, lawn sprinklers, etc). A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to come up with a gift. Ron Swift will pick something up for the Christmas Party.

Big Thanks to Jay Wellan for the donation of ¾” plywood just in time for the container floor repairs and future needs.

There has been some talk about the increasing cost of Glow Fuel and the dwindling supplies. Hobby Town in Redmond has Omega 10% for $22.99 and 15% for 26.99. It’s cost has gone up a bit and will most likely go higher. Get some while you can.

November Nomination brought the following….

  • President – Mark Weeks
  • Vice President – Vince Bell
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift, Vaughan Houger
  • Safety Officer – Don Bailey
  • Secretary – Chet Blake
  • Special Service Award – Mark Weeks, Team of Bryan Reightley and Jay Bell

The nominations will continue at the Dec meeting then followed with the vote.       

There is still time to step up and throw your hat in for an office.     

PROGRAM – Don Bailey brought in an attic find that was in sad shape. It is a model of a 1939     Power House free flight plane that he converted to 3 channel RC aircraft sporting a  Magnum .52 Four Stroke. Transparent yellow and red covering made this beauty stand out. You can see it on the Club’s Face Book.

Ron Rueter demonstrated the need and process to repair R/C car bodies using self stick plaster mesh and Goop. He also uses metallic flue self adhesive flu tape to line the inside of wear areas like where the body pins rub the collars and wheel wear. That addition of flu tape has virtually stopped the wearing off of paint (cars are painted inside) and wearing thru of tire rubs, etc.


Reminder that next meeting Ron will have sign-up sheets for the NWMH Expo


Respectfully Submitted by Chet Blake