President Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

President Weeks introduced the club officers:

  • President – Mark Week
  • Vice President – Vince Bell
  • Secretary – Chet Blake
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer – Don Bailey

15 Club Members were in attendance –No Visitors or Guests were in attendance

No corrections to the Minutes as posted. Motion to accept minutes as posted were seconded and passed.


Vice President – Vince explained that the recent attempt to have a Combat event failed. Even though the day was dry, the streamers were soaking up humidity and tearing apart almost as soon as air born. There was a large amount of planes that would not start or run properly when called on.  Let’s keep in mind that pilots are supposed to have their gear ready to go when it’s their turn to fly.  Vince also mentioned that Nov 10 is our Fall Night Fly. This will most likely start very early. Start time will be sent out via email reminder. December 8 is the annual Christmas Party at the Lodge. This is a pot luck affair and is always a great time with members, family and friends.

Secretary – We have 41 members

Treasurer – We are in good financial standing and the annual donation to Sky Valley Food Bank will be presented in the next few days. $1700.00 WOW!!

Safety Officer – Things are really going well on the Safety Front. There was a prop cut (not from a running prop) and Don made a reminder to have a small First Aid kit with your flight box. Even if you make one up yourself.

Field Manager – Jay and Bryan fertilized the field and cut off some hazardous protrusions off the trailer frame at the car race track. They will meet or talk to Dave about using equipment big enough to move the rock where the shed or container might go.

News Letter Editor – Hard copies available, always interested in pics and articles.

Webmaster – Input has been slow. Keep in mind that the website is seen by anyone on the Internet, let’s keep the Club image looking as great and active as it really is.


The east side of the field has been brush hogged and it really adds depth to the open space and should serve well for combat and general flying since downed planes can be gotten to easier. If we keep it brush hogged once or twice a year it could result in a drier area since the residual water can dissipate easier.

The R/C Car track is coming around. Dart delivered more loads of dirt and Mark moved the 5th wheel trainer to the east side as a platform to stand on once it’s planked to better see the track. Steve Anderson bought (2) 100’ rolls of 4” perforated pipe and long spikes to form the lanes. Thanks Steve!  (3) jumps were built while Mark had the tractor here. They have been tweaked a bit and more to come as we test it out. It’s coming along at a steady pace. Speaking of all this tractor work, a strong rumor has it that the tractor fee was donated by a member’s late father. When you see the President, ask him if he knows anything about it. Thanks Mark! (no collusion, Chet promises :-) !

October meeting begins nominations begin for ALL Executive Offices. It’s really a good opportunity to serve the Club and strengthen personal commitment goals. It’s actually fun and satisfying. Maybe even a feather in your hat  :-)

Oct meeting is also the rebuilder’s contest. Have you broken anything and rebuilt it since last Oct? Bring it and have it judged, maybe a gift card is awaiting you.

Mark feels it’s time to fertilize the field. We have a tow behind fertilize spreader so relatively easy job. Mark will be in touch with Jay or Bryan.

The placement of the new ‘envisioned’ shed doesn’t appear to be able to be tucked behind the spruce as thought. There’s an old road from the corral area and a HUGE rock in the way that can’t be moved without adding cost by renting a bigger machine. Mark will arrange a group to set out some stakes to get an idea of where it can be built or land when the time is right. There is plenty of room!

Jay and Bryan have been busy sifting dirt and filling in low spots and seeding them. Be mindful of them and don’t tear them up. If something divots them, repair it as needed.

Chet has emailed everyone a link to send a letter to your local representative to ask them to uphold the model aviation rule. The FAA and congress is once again trying to modify or remove it. Please help save the Hobby we all enjoy and love by sending in a letter. Have everyone with an email send in a letter!

Chet will check out the 2 wheel wheelbarrows to ease the work being done with the current wheelbarrow.

There was a motion to bump up the $1425.98 donation fund to $1500. The motion was then modified to add enough Club funds to make a $1700 donation to the Sky Valley Food Bank. Motion made, Seconded and Passed. Ron and Mark will decide a day to deliver the check and collect the BIG smiles it brings.

There was a brief talk about R/C cars on the runway. It is noted that if deterioration, scarring or damage is done to the track they will be outlawed from use on the runway. “IF” there is damage, repair it.

Tim asked if anyone could store some of his airplanes while his home is being rebuilt. Ron offered storage at this place.


Tues. Oct 10, President signed the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 into law. Although not perfect for us, an ongoing effort is still being made by the AMA, now finally recognized as a community based organization. We are to follow the AMA rules as usual.

The Budget was reviewed for 2019, voted on and approved. Dues will remain at $90 for 2019.

We might have to wait until next spring to buy a shed or container, it is uncertain at this time. With that in mind we will continue to use the barn, be careful, its showing its age.

The Combat event wasn’t a total failure. It showed that many engines aren’t up to snuff. It was suggested that next spring there be an engine clinic for members to attend and practice setting up properly for good results. We will notify everyone when that is set up.

October starts the nomination process for Executive Board seats. Nominations were as follows.

  •     President – Mark Weeks
  •     Vice President – Vince Bell
  •     Treasurer – Ron Swift, Vaughan Houger
  •     Safety Officer – Don Bailey
  •     Secretary – Chet Blake
  •     Special service Award – Mark Weeks, Bryan Reightley

 The nominations will continue at the November and December meetings. Voting will be at the December. meeting.                   


The Oct. meeting is the Rebuilder’s Contest. The idea is to rebuild a crashed/broken or re-kitted plane and tell a story about it and show off your efforts. The pilots bringing the planes are then asked to leave the room and voting occurs by show of hands. This year Ron Swift brought his forward swept wing Predator combat plane with multiple repairs. Bryan brought his foamie Yak 54 that had multiple repairs also. Voting showed Bryan as the winner and recipient of a $25 gift card.


Just a caution that Dart Sharp shared. He loaded up his truck the night before going to the field and sometime during the night it got broken into. He had articles stolen such as transmitters, helicopters, modeling supplies. The moral is to be aware, as this is becoming more prevalent these days. Also, keeping receipts and pics of stolen items and a police report greatly aids in claims made to home owners or renter’s insurance companies. Names on equipment isn’t a bad idea either.

Chet announced that the By Law amendment of a $25 Reactivation fee will be written and sent to the Web Editor to change the By Laws on the Club Web Site and will update hard copies of By Laws.


Respectfully Submitted by Chet Blake