President Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

President Weeks introduced the club officers:

•   President – Mark Weeks

•   Vice President – Vince Bell

•   Secretary – Chet Blake

•   Treasurer – Ron Swift

•   Safety Officer – Don Bailey

1 Visitor was present, Mr. Doug Hoff

15 Club Members were in attendance

Correction to July Meeting minutes was that the Drone Event contest had 6 flyers and the winner was Dart Sharp, not Paul as Posted in the newsletter. Motion to accept minutes as posted with above exception, were seconded and passed.


Vice President – Vince said the Drone event was fun and he learned more about his Mavic. He announced that 9/14 is Floats n Boats event, 10/6 is Combat event and 11/10 is the Fall Night Fly.

Secretary – We have 41 members

Treasurer – We are in good financial standing and a healthy donation has grown for our favorite charity

Safety Officer – Field Manager – Bryan said Jay has asked that the sprinkler be set and the water timer be turned on at the end of every flying day, steadily moving the sprinkler north until and the end and start over again at the south end

News Letter Editor – Hard copies available, always interested in pics and articles

Webmaster – Input has been slow. Keep in mind that the website is seen by anyone on the Internet, let’s keep the Club image looking as great and active as it really is.


Mark proposed and a motion was made and seconded to allocate $3500 for a shed.  Size etc. to be determined as well as site location and preparation.  After discussions and suggestion for alternatives, the motion was unanimously to allow purchase we needed.

The Control Line (CL) circle is now 140’ diameter.  Discussion held about what the next steps should be.  We need to determine interest and in CL flying and what is needed to complete the CL area.  It is estimated that 10 to 14 loads of dirt would be necessary and the equipment to spread to as a dump truck would not be able to unload within the circle.

Mark reported that the path out to the creek is almost completed.  He needs a few more pallets.  He’s looking for heavy duty pallets as they will last longer.

It was mentioned that the port-a-potties need to be cleaned and re-started.  Ron Swift will contact Jay Bell and the people who service them.  Hopefully they can be serviced before the weekend.


A motion to Amendment to the By Laws Dues section had been made and seconded to stand on notice for 60 days (or longer) for member notice that the following will be voted on. Amendment reads “A $25 Reactivation fee shall be charged if dues are not paid for by the end of business at the March meeting. This $25 fee will be added to the yearly dues and paid in full at the time of the delinquent dues payment”. Some discussion followed as to the need. It was explained that occasionally there are a couple late payers. We used to charge the Initiation fee (1/2 the annual dues) as a penalty (this was dropped a few years ago). Having a deadline with a penalty should ensure that the dues will be collected on time and the Club can better see its budget for the year. This passed by majority ‘yea’ and 1 ‘nay’. When annual dues time is near, emails and snail mails (those without email) will be sent out so everyone is notified well in advance.

The CL area has been mowed and can be used by those interested. Mark will take on the burden of keeping it mowed for the present time.

The Porta Potties were pumped, cleaned and recharged.

The Drone Event winning order was… Dart, Chet, Ron R, Vince, Paul and Dean.

FAA is reminding everyone that drone users stay clear of forest fire or natural disasters where fire fighting planes or official planes or helicopters might be needed. If drones are present, the Fire Fighting planes and heli's are grounded until their safety is secure from flying into unwanted drones. Don’t give the FAA more reasons to shut down our hobby drones. If you see this type of action, stop and ask them (?) why they are doing that and advise them that crucial air drops will not operate with rouge drones flying around. We as a Club fly and act in accordance to rules at our Chartered Field and abide by the regulations.

Jay has asked that the sprinkler be set and the water timer be turned on at the end of every flying day, steadily moving the sprinkler north until and the end and start over again at the south end.

SRAC called Mark about working on a multi club event but no follow up so far.

The RC Car track is improving every week. Dart has 2 loads of clay/sand mix to be delivered. Steve Anderson bought a couple lengths of perforated pipe and long spikes to curb areas of the track.


Show and Tell. There was a little bit of Show, Dart bought a Blade 180 CFX from Paul and displayed it. Some Tell was Chet talking about proposing a Search Drone protocol. When a downed plane is found and the ground search party is close to it, the drone could turn slow rotation over the downed aircraft to signify that it is directly under it. Searchers should take close note of surroundings incase the drone needs to leave due to battery condition.

Don Bailey talked about a shrink wrap product he got off eBay and used it successfully to wrap some his old kits. It keeps them high and dry and the small parts don’t get lost.

A question came up about using RV's at the field. Some discussion ensued and it might be a concern with the Scouts. It can be asked if needed.

There is a dirt-mud-gavel road on the left just past the east side of the field perimeter heading east. It has been noticed that there is a camper type trailer set up quite a ways in towards the south and appears to be lived in. There is a Beware of Dog and Private Property sign also on that road. Should you be looking for a downed aircraft, beware! It seems this is privately purchased ground so don’t be caught trespassing or tangling with the dog or owner.


Respectfully Submitted by Chet Blake