President Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM

President Weeks introduced the club officers:

  •    President – Mark Weeks
  •    Vice President – Vince Bell (Not present)
  •    Secretary – Chet Blake (Not present)
  •    Treasurer – Ron Swift
  •    Safety Officer – Don Bailey

No additions or corrections to June Meeting minutes, motion made to accept minutes as published, was seconded, then passed without descent.


Vice President – Mark Weeks reported for Vince that the Fun Fly was a great success and 17 participants.  Prizes were presented to the winners at the Fun Fly.  July 14th is the annual auction.  Ron Swift commented that the auction will be a “Chinese” style auction (see newsletter for details).

Secretary – No report as Chet wasn’t present.

Treasurer – Ron Swift reported that we are in good financial standing with all incoming and outgoing funds are accounted for.

Safety Officer – Don reports that no issues have occurred at the field.  A question was raised as to the location of the First Aid boxes.  One is located near the sliding door on the barn (South end) and one by the small door on the north side.

Field Manager – Bryan Reightley reporting for Jay Bell that the mowing level should be set to number 2 or 3 to keep the roots from burning during the “HOT” weather season.  A discussion followed that some of the small aircraft may not be able to take off with the grass cut at this height.  No final decision was made or a consensus reached as to what level to cut the grass.

News Letter Editor – Ron Swift offered hard copies of the latest newsletter and reminded all to submit info for the newsletter.

Webmaster – Ron Rueter was present and asked to have input for the web.  We have received very little input in recent months.  Take a few minutes and submit your project/stories/thoughts about our club/your flying experiences etc.  Be sure to come Ron Swift for the newsletter as well


Thanks to Rich Primo for the donation of the car port.  It was erected Saturday June 2nd and serves well as a sun shade for FPV with a smart phone or tablet screen, general shade and member camaraderie and kibitzing.  Thanks to Bryan, Vince, Vaughan, Dart, Mark, Tim and Dave for setting it up.

The FCC has taken notice of our amazing hobby and proposed a near $3 million penalty to HobbyKing for selling FPV and transmitting devices in the US that are not FCC compliant

Mark proposed we authorize $3500 for the purchase of a shed as the barn is detierating rapidly and will not be usable at some point in the future.

The control line areas have been brushed hogged to a 140 foot circle.  Dirt may be needed to level out the area.


Mark proposed and a motion was made and seconded to allocate $3500 for a shed.  Size etc. to be determined as well as site location and preparation.  After discussions and suggestion for alternatives, the motion was unanimously to allow purchase we needed.

The Control Line (CL) circle is now 140’ diameter.  Discussion held about what the next steps should be.  We need to determine interest and in CL flying and what is needed to complete the CL area.  It is estimated that 10 to 14 loads of dirt would be necessary and the equipment to spread to as a dump truck would not be able to unload within the circle.

Mark reported that the path out to the creek is almost completed.  Needs a few more pallets.  He’s looking for heavy duty pallets as they will last longer.

It was mentioned that the port-a-potties need to be cleaned and re-started.  Ron Swift will contact Jay Bell and the people who service them.  Hopefully they can be serviced before the weekend.


Mark Weeks gave a presentation on the Spektrum AS3x receiver.

Meeting adjourned at 7:54 PM

Respectfully Submitted by Ron Rueter for Chet Blake