President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm

Pres. Mark Weeks Introduced the Officers---

1 guest, Mr. Jay Wellan and 11 members were present

Additions or Corrections to the minutes – None  Motion, 2nd and voted to accept as posted.

Officers Reports

Vice President – Vince reported the April 21 Night Fly went very well with 17 members and guests on hand and announced the upcoming Glider Event Saturday May 18 @ 10:00 AM and the June 9 Floats n Boats at Lake Hughes @ 10:00 AM.

Treasurer - Club Funds in good shape, funds are available for projects.

Secretary – We currently we have 39 members. Jay Wellan joined after the meeting making the new total now 40 members

Safety Officer – Don stated that all is well. Everyone is working together. Don also mentioned that now with the nice weather hitting a lot of us put our planes behind our cars and trucks to shade from the sun. It’s a good idea to walk around the vehicle to check for your own AND your neighbors planes before backing out.

Field Manager – Jay couldn’t be there but Mark mentioned that the field is being mowed and the fertilizer spreader is working..

News Letter Editor - Hard copies available and your input is needed. Please send Club interest and event pics to Ron Swift and Ron Rueter

Web Master – Always looking for input, pics and Club news.


We need to organize a work party for the BBQ cover and the Lake dock access area in prep for the June Floats n Boats event. Crews could be split on the same day to work on both.

Jay has purchased fertilizer and repaired the spreader and fertilized the field.

Contest rules the Vince had gone over last meeting will be sent out to all email addresses and the webmaster to update the web site.

There were conversations about where to put the second car port, more to come.

Ron asked for a motion to make a Control Line committee to investigate a CL area. Motion 2nd and passed. Ron will announce committee.


The AMA announced that on May 8 the House of Representatives passed the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. In short this means that they have included Section 336 known as the Special Rule for Model Aircraft. The AMA thanked each and every person that wrote in to their Reps and supported their Call To Action.

There has been some discussion as to where to put the second awning. Mark proposed putting it on the north end as to accommodate flyers there instead of making everyone walk to the south one. Joint agreement was made to put it on the north end. If for some reason it didn’t work out, it will simply be moved.

Our New Member Rich Primo said he has a new car port awning that he no longer needs and will donate to the Club. Thanks Rich !!

Vince presented the Builders Contest rules. They will be emailed to everyone and the Web Master.

Ron and Don discussed Control Line areas. Don refinished and covered  CL plane that Mr. Fredericks had donated and Ron installed an engine and tank, ready for the test flight. It might even happen this Saturday (5/12) @ 10:00.

Dart has been able to get some dirt for the car/truck track and we’ll need to spread it. He is looking for more dirt to build a gnarly track  :- )

Discussion came up about late dues since we have dropped the Initiation fee which offered a penalty if not paid on time. A motion was made to make a change in the by-laws calling for a $25 Reactivation Fee. This will be on the minutes and table for 90 days for members to read and evaluate, then vote on at the meeting of the expiration of the 90 days. If approved the verbiage will be…

”A $25 Reactivation fee will be charged if dues are not paid for by the end of business at the March meeting. This $25 fee will be added to the yearly dues and paid in full at the time of the delinquent dues payment”.

Program – All About Drones  Mark, Vince, Dart and Chet brought in various ‘Drones”. Such as the new Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, Phantom 1.1.1, Phantom 3, Blade 250, Inductrix, Inductrix FPV, Nano QX, JJRC H36 micro, Rise 250 and too many to name. There were 22 drones brought the meeting. Each owner gave a small presentation of their collection.

Announcements or Comments –  Paul Allen Flying Heritage air show 5/19

Show and Tell – Don brought another of his Glider Collection. A very large motor powered Topaz. Beautiful plane and presentation

Next Meeting program –

Motion to Adjourn: 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Chet Blake, BBMAC Secretary