President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM

Pres. Mark Weeks Introduced the Officers---

Mark Weeks- President

Vince Bell- Vice-President

Chet Blake – Secretary

Ron Swift - Treasurer

Don Bailey – Safety officer

15 members present

Additions or Corrections to the minutes – None  Motion, 2nd and voted to accept as posted.

Officers Reports

Vice President - Freeze-In was held Jan 12 on a balmy 50 degree day. Lots of action, Ron S. had a plane go in on the north east end of the field (again the quads to the rescue, flying over and finding the downed model) guiding Ron to the area once Mark figured out who he called on the phone (always fun at the Club :-). Chet’s Phantom went on the water mid field to the south just past the fence line out in the soup. He found it after going in the creek almost up to his chest. Dart was getting his Mavic ready when they reported the Phantom found, he was upset because Chet didn’t put it back so he could find it (again, where else but the Buzzards :-). It was a fun day even if not freezing!

Treasurer - Club Funds in good shape and membership dues coming in.

Secretary - Currently we have 38 members with 30 of those paid for 2018.Dues of $90 can be paid anytime and final cut off is end of business at the March meeting.

Safety Officer – Don talked about putting actual name and phone number in a plane or flying model in case it get a mind of its own and flies away. Someone might find it and give the owner a call. There was also talk about the AMA requirement of putting your name and AMA number in the plane also. Ron S said that 2 years later a model was returned to him due to his contact info being in it.

Field Manager – Jay couldn’t be there but Bryan stood in as Assistant Field manager and reported that there is a kit version of a roofed shelter that Jay has made up and needs put together and erected so the BBQ can be a bit more protected.
The Barn is locked. Both the man door on the east side and the big sliding door have an exterior hasp/lock, Combinations are the same as the gate.

News Letter Editor - Hard copies available and your input is needed. Please send Club interest and event pics to Ron Swift and Ron Rueter

Web Master – Always looking for input, pics and Club news.


Members AMA membership MUST be current to fly at the Club Field or any Chartered Field.

NWMH Expo was Jan 26, 27 & 28. Sign up sheet was available to sign up for a time slot to man the Club booth. Mark had bought some inexpensive balsa stick planes to hand out to the kids.

Ron thanks everyone that helped and maintained the Club Booth.

Club dues are due by the end of business at the March meeting.

There has been 2 bids on the planes donated by Dick Broderson’s wife. The Club will make a decision on what sells or goes to the NWMH Expo swap table.

Mark had received a Traxxas R/C Truck for Christmas and had been playing with it at the field on rainy/can’t fly days. This lead to driving it in the old horse coral up by the barn. In turn, this sparked a discussion about cleaning the area up and making an R/C track and possibly creating a new portion of the Club and offer membership to R/C dirt car enthusiasts. There are many things to be considered and thought about.

A motion was made, seconded and voted in favor of forming a committee of appropriate members to review and suggest ideas along the lines of alternative membership, rules and regulation possibilities. Mark will head up the Committee and report at the next meeting.

Ron S brought up that the 4 planes and items donated to the Club by Dick Broderson’s widow has raised approximately. $1058 for our favorite charity. Awesome !

RC car/truck effort. Dart is getting pricing info on the type dirt we should use, recommendations from his friend Evan who is really into stadium short track racing. Mark mentioned that he has processed and talked about all the ideas, suggestions and concerns with the membership on the RC Car front and has decided to just enjoy it within the Club for a while and feel it out.

FYI, the AMA Insurance does indeed cover R/C car events and sessions, same as our planes and drones.

Mark noticed that there’s a solid small pole building with cement floor west and down over the hill from the barn. It could possibly be the beginning of a lockable shed to get our stuff out of the barn and to a dryer building. This is not available to us anymore, Scouts will use it to store equipment that was located in the barn

Pallets on Lost Plane Lane need to be re-anchored together after the rains subside and things drain off a bit. The high waters have floated them south and broken away from the original path.

This spring the 2nd carport needs to be assembled.

There’s quite a mound developing on the north end of the runway. Will discuss with Lenny when there’s a list of work worthy of him bringing his tractor.

It was discouraging that the AMA District XI Vice Pres nor any Officials show up at the North West Model Hobby Expo. There were a lot of questions why. 2 past VPs were there and had no reason why either. Mark suggested to write the AMA and complain. Chet said he’d draft a letter and send it to the AMA Public Relations.

Mark personally thanked Ron Swift and Ron Rueter for keeping the newsletter and website running and always bringing in comments, along with the Face Book Page

Program – Mark brought in 3 identical Discovery high wing models, each with different power sources. Electric, Glow and Gas. He commented that the gas was by far the most complicated due to extra tubing, extra battery and extra wiring to run the gasser. The gasser has yet to fly as the motor is still being broke in.

Don brought in a wing that he made up and covered with Doculam (Document lamination) that is heat shrinkable, durable, paintable and light weight. It comes in 250 ft roll so be ready…

Announcements or Comments –

Motion to Adjourn: 7:32 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Chet Blake, BBMAC Secretary