President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

Pres. Mark Weeks Introduced the Officers---

  • Ron Swift - Treasurer,
  • Chet Blake – Secretary,
  • Don Bailey – Safety officer,
  • Vince Bell- VP,
  • Mark Weeks- Pres.

14 members present with 1 guest. The guest was Mr. Doug Hoff

Additions or Corrections to the minutes – None  Motion, 2nd and voted to accept as posted.

Officers Reports

VP - Freeze-In for Sat. Jan 6, 2018 was postponed due to the extreme amount of rain

Treasurer - Club Funds in good shape and membership dues coming in.

Secretary - Currently we have 38 paid members with the most recent member, Ken Thomas.
Dues of $90 can be paid anytime and final cut off is end of business at the March meeting.

Safety – Don asked what everyone did with LiPo storage. If long term, definitely use the storage charge/voltage of 3.8 volt pr. Cell. Many of the members fly year round so keeping regular charge is ok. Storage came up and Ideas of steel ‘vented’ ammo cans, LiPo sacks and Crock flower pots with lids were discussed. There was another story of a flight cut short due to a full charged but cold battery. Keeping them warm in cold weather is the key to a happy flying session. Dart also had a cold plane experience. The plane would bind and initiate at home but wouldn’t initiate at the cold field. He warmed it up in Len’s van and the ESC initiated and was ok.

Field Manager – Jay couldn’t be there but Bryan stood in as Assistant Field manager and reported that there is a kit version of a roofed shelter that Jay has made up and needs put together and erected so the BBQ can be a bit more protected. Bryan also reported that he talked to Ranger Dave about the Club’s possible decision as to a container or shed and wanted the Scout’s approval of what type. Ranger Dave said whatever the Club wished to do is fine. If the Club does decide to get a shed or container, it would be far enough back that it wouldn’t be visible on a drive by anyway. It was also reported that the canopy cover was removed and stored for the winter.

News Letter Editor - Hard copies available and your input is needed. Please send Club interest and event pics to Ron Swift and Ron Rueter

Web Master – Always looking for input, pics and Club news.


Locks were recommended for the barn. No action as of this meeting. “UPDATE – Locks have been applied”

North West Model Hobby Expo coming up Jan. 26-27 & 28, 2018 at the Evergreen Fairgrounds. Help is needed for the Club booth. Ron will have sign in sheets next meeting.

Chet mentioned that the FAA has reinstated the FAA number requirement on any r/c flying model weighing over.55 pound. It was again noted that the Club will NOT police this as it’s a Federal requirement, not a Club requirement.

Bryan said that he had talked to Jay and offered to be his assistant since Jay’s available time is getting smaller due to needs he has to attend to. Jay was elated to hear that Bryan could help so therefore Bryan took his name out of the running for V.P. This was a great time to start the Second round of Nominations for Executive Board Results were: Pres – Mark Weeks, V. Pres – Vince Bell, Treasurer – Ron Swift, Safety Officer – Don Bailey, Secretary – Chet Blake, Special Service Award – Mark Weeks

Mark mentioned that in general we are fairly mild in the winter and talked about a Year Round Flyer Patch for anyone flying at least once a month for the entire year. It was mentioned that the AMA has such a patch and year tabs can be added around the patch. Maybe a Club one could be made. More to come…

Ron still has Freeze-In 2017 patches if anyone needs one.


Members AMA membership MUST be current to fly at the Club Field or any Chartered Field.

NWMH Expo is Jan 26, 27 & 28. Sign up sheet available to sign up for a time slot to man the Club booth. Mark had bought some inexpensive balsa stick planes to hand out to the kids.

Club dues are due by the end of business at the March meeting.

There has been 2 bids on the planes donated by Dick Broderson’s wife. The Club will make a decision on what sells or goes to the NWMH Expo swap table.

Mark had received a Traxxas R/C Truck for Christmas and had been playing with it at the field on rainy/can’t fly days. This lead to driving it in the old horse coral up by the barn. In turn, this sparked a discussion about cleaning the area up and making an R/C track and possibly creating a new portion of the Club and offer membership to R/C dirt car enthusiasts. There are many things to be considered and thought about.

A motion was made, seconded and voted in favor of forming a committee of appropriate members to review and suggest ideas along the lines of alternative membership, rules and regulation possibilities. Mark will head up the Committee and report at the next meeting.

Program – Mark put together a Check list for field supplies, flight box recommendations, pre-flight check list and maiden flight check list. All this laminated for easy toting, fuel and weather resistant. Nice job!

Mark showed his Traxxas Slash a Baja type race body and Dart showed his Traxxas Bandit that had been modified to a brushless power system and upgraded external items.

Announcements or Comments – Happy 2018

Motion to Adjourn: 7:24 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Chet Blake, BBMAC Secretary