President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

Pres. Mark Weeks Introduced the Officers---

  • Mark Weeks - President
  • Bryan Reightley - Vice President
  • Chet Blake – Secretary
  • Ron Swift - Treasurer
  • Don Bailey – Safety officer

14 members present.

Additions or Corrections to the minutes – Chet incorrectly quoted 34 members but should have been 35.

Officers Reports

VP- The Annual Christmas Party was help at the newly renovated Lodge at Camp Edwards on Sat., December 2nd, 3:00 to 6:00 PM. 15 people attended. Nice evening and nice remodel on the Lodge.

The Annual Freeze-in will be held Jan. 6, 2018 starting at 10:00 am.

Treasurer - Funds are in good shape. $35 towards the 2018 charity plus $180 collected in dues.

Secretary - Currently we have 37 paid members.

2 New members are Walle Ralkowski and John Vice. Welcome!

Please remember that you have to have your 2018 AMA card to fly at the Freeze-in on Jan 6.

Dues can be paid anytime and final cut off is end of business at the March meeting. $90

Safety – Don brought up a situation he experienced the previous ‘cold’ Sunday at the field. He was flying a lightweight model and about 2 laps into his flight that was going extremely well, the motor suddenly quit and the plane came down like a rock right next to Lost Plane Lane that Mark has been building and maintaining. After an official BBMAC crash investigation he found that LiPo he was using went dead. He attributed this to cold weather and not having the battery warmed before using it. Bottom line, Be cautious of the cold weather, battery conditions and keep a battery warm in your pocket or some device with hand warmers before flying.

Field Manager – Jay couldn’t be there but mentioned that the canopy cover needs to be taken down and stored from the winter wind and elements.

News Letter Editor  - Hard copies available and your input is needed. Please send Club interest and event pics to Ron Swift and Ron Rueter

Web Master – Always looking for input, pics and Club news.


Locks were recommended for the barn. No action as of this meeting.

Dick Broderson had passed away and had said he wanted some of his models to go to the Club for whatever purpose they might provide. There is a Corsair, Yak 54, Tom Cat and Gremlin. We had talked about and on line auction. Web Master Ron Rueter checked into it and found a service that wants 5% of the proceeds or software for $50 to ‘use’ it. Other recommendations were a raffle at the N W Model Hobby Expo Club booth. Ron mentioned that the Club could be given a table for the swap meet and place them there. That will require attendance during the swap meet and no one was much in favor of that either. Ron mentioned he could get them and store them while the Club decides what to do. No further comments ensued on the subject.

Be sure to invite friends and family for the Christmas Pot Luck Party on December 2 at 3:00PM. $15 gift exchange, guys bring guys gift, gals bring gals. This is not mandatory. If you bring a gift, you chose a gift.

Mark had questioned what would it take to have a good family day with games, prizes, etc. Membership thought the Model Aviation Day would be a good time but NOT have the Auction and other events going at the same time, confusing and interfering with the family events.

If you haven’t been to the field lately, check it out. Mark has made huge headway to clear a lot of the brush out in the field directly east of the runway and heading north towards the road. Looks awesome and nice job Mark!

North West Model Hobby Expo coming up Jan. 26-27 & 28, 2018 at the Evergreen Fairgrounds. Help is needed for the Club booth. Ron will have sign in sheets next meeting.

Chet mentioned that he read an email from the AMA that the FAA is probably going to again go to congress and re-establish the FAA model registry. The AMA is working to negotiate with the FAA. Details to come.

Bryan said that he had talked to Jay and offered to be his assistant since Jay’s available time is getting smaller due to needs he has to attend to. Jay was elated to hear that Bryan could help so therefore Bryan took his name out of the running for V.P. This was a great time to start the Second round of Nominations for Executive Board Results were:

    President – Mark Weeks,
    Vice President - Vince Bell, Tim Shegrud,
    Treasure – Ron Swift
     Secretary – Chet Blake,
     Safety Officer – Don Bailey,
    Special Service Award _ Mark Weeks, Bryan Douma, Len Douma


3rd round of Executive nominations….

  • Pres. Mark Weeks
  • Vice President. Vince Bell, Tim Shegrud
  • Treasure. Ron Swift
  • Safety – Don Bailey
  • Sec – Chet Blake
  • Special Service Award – Mark weeks, Bryan Douma, Len Douma

Election results…

    Pres - Mark Weeks,
    V. Pres -Vince Bell,
    Treasure – Ron Swift,  
    Safety – Don Bailey,
    Sec – Chet Blake,  
    Special Service Award – Mark Weeks

North West Model Hobby Expo coming up Jan. 26-27 & 28, 2018 at the Evergreen Fairgrounds. Help is needed for the Club booth. Ron has signup sheets for anyone interested in manning the Club booth.

Congress recently finalized the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that restores the FAA registration requirement. This reverses the earlier U S Court of Appeals decision that struck down the registration requirement when John Taylor challenged the rule. When the new Bill is enacted, ALL hobbyists and Club members will again be required to have their personal FAA number on the aircraft.

Be advised this is not going to be policed by the Club and the Club is not responsible for violators. Mark or label your aircraft accordingly.

Mark mentioned that in general we are fairly mild in the winter and talked about a Year Round Flyer Patch for anyone flying at least once a month for the entire year. It was mentioned that the AMA has such a patch and year tabs can be added around the patch. Maybe a Club one could be made. More to come…

Speaking of Patches… Ron had 2017 Freeze-in patches with him for anyone who participated and didn’t receive one.

Announcements or Comments – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Motion to Adjourn: 7:26 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Chet Blake, BBMAC Secretary