Intro of officers

  • Mark Weeks- Pres
  • Bryan Reightley - VP
  • Chet Blake - Secretary
  • Ron Swift - Treasurer
  • Don Bailey - Safety Officer

9 members present

Additions or Corrections to the minutes – The proposed Associate membership was stated to be offered as a reciprocal agreement and a member thought it wasn’t supposed to reflect reciprocal agreement. It was duly noted and also explained that this venture went way back to conversation with Joe Goffin and Jim Reynolds. Whether that was the principle thought is now a mute point.

Officers Reports

VP – Aug Fun Fly was cancelled due to lack of participation. With Aug being so busy with outside events we should talk about that in new business. Sept 16 is the Fall Floats n Boats 10:00 am at Lake Hughes and Oct 7 is the Fall Night Fly 6:30 pm at the field.

Treasurer – Funds are in good shape, the $172 carry over field fund has finally been spent with recent field maintenance receipts turned in.

Secretary - Currently we have 33 paid members

Safety – Everything going well. Great awareness by fellow modelers and watching out for one another. Great Job!

Field Manager – If anyone has a thought on a special project or field issue let Jay or a Board member know.

News Letter Editor  - Hard copies available and your input is needed. Please send Club interest and event pics to Ron Swift and Ron Rueter

Web Master – Always looking for input, pics and Club news.


Associate membership was considered to offer to other Clubs as a reciprocal agreement. Yearly dues set by Executive Board (same as we currently set the yearly dues). There was a motion, second and vote to consider changing the by-laws to allow Associate Membership. This was presented some time ago by members of the Arlington Eagles. At the time Chet Blake (then president of the BBMAC) retracted the offer because our field was in development and there was basically not much to offer.

Recently the subject came up again from an Arlington Eagles representative and the subject was reviewed at the June meeting, resulting in a motion that passed by vote to amend the by-laws to reflect the following proposed Addition to By-Laws Membership, Article III, Section 7  e.

After quite a bit of discussion a Call to Question was asked for and the resulting vote was NO. There will be NO associate membership offered to any Club going forward.

All Flyers MUST be a member in good standing of the AMA.

A review of the field rules such as Guests can not invite other guests. All Guests must be accompanied by a full BBMAC member who will explain the Club Rules, Safety Rules, Field layout and Field Rules. After 3 visits, the Guest is expected to join the Club if he/she wishes to continue flying at the Field.

Field Safety rules apply at all times.

Sandy is working on the Freeze-In patch and will mail them to entrants who are not usually at the meetings.

Model Aviation Day and Auction was Sat. 8/12 along with our annual charity auction. There is quite a bit of interesting stuff to auction off this year, much of which was donated by Al Daggett and Carter Burns. Both of these gentlemen’s model aircraft goods donations and various other member donations brought in a grand total of $512.50. Thank you both so much for thinking of BBMAC and donating your goods to our auction, The proceeds will help more residents than you can imagine.

Len had done a lot of runway east side berm work to give the runway a wider sense and easier to take care of. He also dug out part of the hillside to make a place to put the grill.. He also had his rock rake and leveled out some of the stone brought in lat year and extended it back a bit to the south, past the awning area. Many thanks to Len once again for the use of his equipment and time.

Discussion and approval made to lock the barn. Lock large door with hasp and bolt type affair on inside and lock and hasp on man door.

Discussion ensued about purchasing a shipping container to get our possessions out of the aging, decaying barn. This lead to where to put it and if the Scouts were comfortable with us doing that at the field. Further info to follow.


The calendar said Christmas Party date to be determined. After discussion, Sat Dec 2nd was selected. Bryan checked with Ranger Dave and he OK’d the use of the Lodge for the Christmas Party.

The grill has a permanent home by the frequency board, propane tank is kept in the barn. Jay has a small structure w/roof kitted up and needs to get it to the field. If anyone can help with that please let Jay or Mark know.

There was some discussion about the number of events we had this year. The Board will look at possibly keeping Aug. free from events so members can attend other events, air shows or just catch a break from event schedules. More to come..

Ron R., Mark and Chet went to Wenatchee Red Apple Flyers to see the NW Scale Competition. There was a decent line up of aircraft and flying to keep things going until 2:00 or so. It was hot, fun and always a treat to visit such a nice field and Club.

We still have mowing slots available thru Sept and maybe a couple weeks in Nov. Please do your share and sign up for a slot.

Dart and Paul went to the Snohomish Helicopter Club Heli event and came out with goodies and some classes

A motion was made to add Club funds to the $512.50 from the Auction and make an even $700 to the Sky Valley Food Bank. Ron and Mark will make that presentation as their schedules allow. Motion passed.

October meeting will be the Rebuilder’s contest.

Also at the Oct meeting, we will go over and vote on the new budget for 2018, dues amount and this meeting will also open up nominations for the Club Executive Board positions. All positions are open for nomination.

Announcements-  Chet mentioned that he bought a Multi-rotor flight simulator from for $16 (download) and work pretty well with your own transmitter and USB input

PROGRAM…. To rebuild or not and power systems. Ron presented written material on needed shop supplies for rebuilding, build various power systems with likes and dislikes of each.

Motion to Adjourn: 7:34 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Chet Blake, BBMAC Secretary