Intro of officers:

  • Mark Weeks- Pres
  • Bryan Reightley- VP
  • Chet Blake – Secretary
  • Ron Swift -Treasurer
  • Don Bailey – Safety officer

12 members present

Additions or Corrections to the minutes- Chet had stated there were 4 models in the Builder’s Competition, actually there were 5.  Motion to accept as corrected. Seconded and passed.

Officers Reports

VP – July 22 is our next event, a Multi-rotor skills test. No entry, no prizes, much fun to be had. July 29th and 30th is an Aero-tow glider event at the Concrete Airport. August 12th will be Model Aviation Day, Open house and Auction. We have quite a few items to auction off this year. Plan on bringing your wallets.

Treasurer – Funds are in good shape and still have $172 forwarded for Field Improvement from 2016 budget.

Secretary- Currently we have 33 paid members

Safety – Everything going well. Great fun at events and safety minded.

Field Manager - Awning to be installed sometime in the near future. Cement post blocks for the awning are made. The mowing list is available on our website. Please take sign up.

News Letter Editor - Hard copies available and your input is needed. Please send Club interest and event pics to Ron Swift and Ron Rueter

Old Business

It has been reported that the Arlington Eagles had lost their field as of June 30th. A letter was sent out to them offering the use of Hanners Memorial Field at no charge. If you see someone that you don’t recognize, introduce yourself and offer any assistance in the true camaraderie that makes the Buzzards Fun and Famous.

Watering the field… If you’re the last one to leave, please carefully put the sprinkler back out in the runway, moved down one spot (or back to the starting spot, north end of runway), hook up the hose and set the timer to max time.

A question about offering camping came up and at this point it’s an option not offered. It would need to be vetted with the Boy Scouts and we’re really not ready for that. That puts it currently in at NO.

Don has posted info for an Aero-tow glider event in Concrete on July 29 & 30.

Model Aviation Day, Open House and Auction coming up on August. 12, starting at 10:00 am. Lots of items donated this year. Lunch available, donations always happily accepted.

A Radian glider is now available for trainer use. Mark has made a box and is locating it to a common place and will discuss at the meeting. The trainer will compose of the Radian, DX6i transmitter and battery.

Len is planning a tractor work day coming up soon, we’ll keep you posted on that date. The big job is to level the curb effect on the east side of the runway so mowing can be better accomplished. A few other projects if time allows.

The barn is really showing decay, especially the roof and floor. Please do not go upstairs alone if at all, the floor is treacherous. The Club has nothing up there for anyone to be looking for.

Proposed Addition to By-Laws Membership, Article III, Section 7  e.  as follows:

Associate membership shall be offered to outside club members in good standing with the AMA (this does not apply to former Barnyard Buzzards members). The Associate Member may not hold Executive Board Office or Committee position. The Associate member has regular flying rights at Hanners’ Memorial Field after passing  Safety/Checkout flight requirements as established by the Executive Committee.
Associate membership dues will be recommended by the Executive Board. The Associate member may request full membership at any time.

The proposal will be brought up in the business meeting, ensue discussion and then be voted on.

Please plan on attending and voting.


A review of the field rules:

All Flyers MUST be a member in good standing of the AMA.

Guest must be accompanied by a full BBMAC member who will explain the Club Rules, Safety Rules, Field layout and Field Rules. After 3 visits, the Guest is expected to join the Club if he/she wishes to continue flying at the Field.

Guests can not invite other guests.

Associate Membership:

Much like our family membership, They will enjoy flying rights to the field.

Associate members will receive the gate lock combination

Must be signed off (Ok’d) by a Club Member in good standing following safety check.

Day time flying only.

No voting rights.  

Can not hold Executive Position

Sign in the Log Book (this applies to all members).

Make their information (address and contact info) available to the Executive Board along with AMA number and expiration date.

Notify a Full Member if issues arise at the field, lost aircraft, unusual activity, noticeable incidences (insurance issues, vehicle damage from air craft, etc).

Associates may not invite guests.

Yearly dues will be set by the Executive Committee.

Associate membership is offered to other clubs in an effort to gain reciprocal associate membership offers with the interested club.

Associate membership is not an option for former BBMAC members.

Secretary Ron Swift asked a motion that Mark and Chet be added onto the On Line banking set up so other sources would be available if needed to conduct business. Motion made, Seconded and passed. As time moves along and executives change it is assumed that the 2 parties (other than the Treasurer)  will be the President and Secretary.

Sandy is working on the Freeze-In patch and will mail them to entrants who are not usually at the meetings.

Chet still has some membership cards and needs to mail them out.

Announcements-  Chet apologizes for the late entry of the July minutes. It’s been a busy month both family wise and work. Sorry for any inconvenience.

PROGRAM…. DJI Mavic Pro Quad

Ron Rueter had recently purchased a DJI Mavic Pro Quad He had a factual and pictorial presentation of it amenities and performance. This compact quad carries a wealth of high end opportunities and performance.

If you missed it, Ron may be getting something ready to post on the website where you can review it.

Reminder that the Associate Membership will be voted on at the August 11 meeting.

Motion to Adjourn: 7:53 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Chet Blake, BBMAC Secretary