Welcome to the June 13th BBMAC Meeting

Intro of officers---

  • Mark Weeks- Pres
  • Bryan Reightley- VP
  • Ron Swift -Treasurer ,
  • Chet Blake – Secretary,
  • Don Bailey – Safety officer,

13 members and 1 Guest, Tim Shegrud

Additions or Corrections to the minutes- Motion to accept as corrected or posted

Officers Reports

VP – May 20th was our first ever Glider event CD’d by Don Bailey. Reports came back as a really fun day. June 3 was our spring Floats n Boats and it was enjoyed by all. Tonight is the Builder’s Contest and July 22nd is Quads and/or FPV trials

Treasurer – Funds are in good shape and still have $172 forwarded for Field Improvement from 2016 budget.

Secretary - Currently we have 33 paid members

Safety – Everything going well. Great fun at events and safety minded.

Field Manager - Awning to be installed sometime in the near future. Cement post blocks for the awning are made. The mowing list is available on our website. Please take sign up.

News Letter Editor  - Hard copies available and your input is needed. Please send Club interest and event pics to Ron Swift and Ron Rueter      

Web Master – as always, looking for input


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established airspace restrictions over 133 military facilities to address national security concerns about unauthorized drone operations. Ron has the full story on the Website

FPV and Safety- Some of us have entered the world of FPV and fast quads with lots of spectators. With this there are bound to be some challenges and safety concerns. Some of what we should start thinking about is a change, or addition to the safety rules. Some discussion followed, on Spotters, Flying area, where to develop area on the other side of the barn or horse corral? Is there Video interference? All questions to be examined and answered.

First ever Glider event will be May 20th

April 22nd was the Spring Night Fly.  8 members present, Ronna Weeks, Jayne Blake and Mark’s Grand daughter Annabelle were in attendance.

There was an announcement from the AMA regarding state of Washington is in special session today to reintroduce HB 1049. Rep John Koster’s office got in touch with Chet. This session is the budget only and very unlikely that it would be a rider or consideration on the budget bill or actions. Chet notified the AMA and got a very quick return and thanks. Just as an FYI, there are over 242 House Bills in different states trying to get control of R/C hobbies.

AMA has a program in place that will allow us to train pilots without them having to Join AMA or our club before they fly.  What does the club think of adding to the newsletter (Brochure) something about learning to fly … ( Mark had a sample for St Louis RC Club)

Mark asked what areas does the club need to focus its attention. (Field improvements, Quad area, others ? Everyone has a voice and No ONE person has the veto of ideas. Speak up if you want something that the club does not provide.

Jay is working on the support blocks for the second awning. It will be placed at the North end of the field close to the bank so it won’t block vision.

A question came up about the Freeze-In patches that were voted on. Ron stated the Sandy is trying to get them done.

A motion was made, seconded and passed to go to paperless banking and save $5 per month. That’s $60 a year to things we really want.

Vince had a great FPV flight late evening of the Night Fly. Chet watched on with his Fat Shark goggles and was amazed at how light the vision was compared to the true darkness.

Vince took the FCC Technician Class test on May 13 for legal 5.8 FPV broadcasts

A motion was made, seconded and passed for the Club to buy a Radian Glider and accessories as a Club trainer, not to exceed $350.00. Mark will check into it and get something going.


Spring fertilizer has been spread and a little work was needed on the spreader but it now works like a charm

The Glider event was a smash hit. 12 pilots braved the skies and there was ‘lift a-plenty’. Chet sent invitations to other Clubs and our Dist VP Chuck Bower. All told we had 12 flyers and 6 guests. Mike Reid heard about it at the NWMHE and made the trip from Orcas Island to participate. What a sight to see with 12 gliders in the air on the final event. Stunning and peaceful is all that could be said. Mike Bradshaw from the Eagles took 1st, Mile Reid from Orcas Island Flyer took 2nd and our own Steve Anderson took 3rd. It was talked over and decided that this was the 1st Annual Glider event with a regular annual scheduling going forward.

June 3rd was the Spring Floats and Boats even at Lake Hughes and as always, it was a great time. Len and Brian Douma had the show stoppers again with Float plane knife edge, prop hanging 3D flying and Brian’s  air boat is always a favorite. We had 15 members and guests and a great time. Len was quoted as saying they were there until the mosquitoes ran them off.

It seems official that the Arlington Eagles are losing their field. The past offer for them to use our field is still intact and had never been revoked. We would also like to offer an Associate Membership for $30. This would allow field flying rights dawn to dusk for the Associate member with access to the Lake only with Club events or outings. This would apply to members in good standing in other Clubs, not former Buzzards or delinquent Buzzards. This is in hope that the other Clubs that might partake would offer the same in return.

A motion was made, discussed and tabled to allow the By-laws to be changed for allowing an Associate membership with predetermined flying privileges.

A motion was made and passed to make Log-in mandatory at the field. We know that old habits are hard to break but please remember to log in.

A Radian Glider has been purchased for use as the Club trainer. Mark has it at his house until a lockable box or locker can be acquired, then it will reside in the barn. Mark has donated a Spektrum 6 radio to go with the Glider.

A proposal was made to keep the BBQ grill chained to the frequency board, propane tank to be returned to the barn when not in use. Motion and passed. Len and Mark will work out  a plan to keep it dry. Cover could also be used to keep burn barrel wood dry.

Ron had the new 15 yr. Gold Leader patches and Gold Leader pins if anyone wants one.

Porta Potties will be serviced within the next week or so according to Honey Bucket schedule.

The barn roof is really getting bad and you can see straight thru the floor. Please DO NOT go upstairs in the barn. There’s really no need to go there.

The mowing sign up is on our website. Please sign up for a day and help out.

Announcements-  None

PROGRAM. Builder’s Contest

There were 4 entries in the builder’s contest. Don Bailey took home 1st, Vaughan Houger 2nd and Eric Bell 3rd.

Motion to Adjourn 8:00

Respectfully submitted by Chet Blake, BBMAC Secretary