The meeting was called to order by the President Mark Weeks at approximately 6:30 with 13 members and 2 guests in attendance.

2 members brought their Valentines to the meeting. John Rennert introduced his wife Betty and Ron introduced his wife Sandy. Welcome guests!

Mark said that he appreciated those in attendance for being brave enough to be at the meeting on Valentines night so he would try to keep it short and let everyone go home to their Valentine.

Club Officers were introduced …

  • President – Mark Weeks
  • Vice President – Bryan Reightley
  • Secretary – Chet Blake
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer – Don Bailey
  • Field Manager – Jay Bell - absent
  • Webmaster – Ron Rueter - absent
  • Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift

Mark called for additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web/newsletter.  No corrections were mentioned.  The minutes were approved.


VP - Bryan reported that this year’s events are in the newsletter and online now. We’re looking forward to a fun year with the added favorites like the Night Fly's and Floats n Boats. One each in the spring and one each on the fall. We’ve added another first to the events page, it’s the First Glider event. Don Bailey will CD this event and it promises to be both a competition and a learning experience.

Treasurer – There is still $272.00 left from the 2016 field improvement budget transferred to 2017 Budget. We are doing ok on the financial front and membership dues are coming in, aiding the balance sheet.

Secretary - The membership level at the present time is 38 but 5 members haven’t rejoined the AMA. Chet has sent reminders to them. Just as a reminder, You MUST belong to the AMA in order to be a member. We have 13 members paid for 2017.

Safety Officer – Don reported that he’s impressed with the efforts of everyone keeping things safe. Keep your awareness up of what you’re doing and managing.

Newsletter Editor - Printed copies of the newsletter are available for anyone who wishes a hard copy.  Ron asks that if people take pictures to please send copies to him and Ron Rueter, for possible newsletter/website usage.

Field Manager – Nothing new to mention. Jay is working on some plans for items that need attention this year.


Ron Swift received a 15 year Gold Leader Plaque, Badges and a letter from the AMA. This is a real accomplishment for any Club. We really stand out with this.  

Field is very wet, but parking and pit are in great shape.

House Bill 1049 (personal ID and address displayed on a model aircraft) was being proposed by Sate Reps. Write in to your representatives and voice your concerns.

New Business

The North West Model Hobby Expo is now history for 2017. Some of the interesting assets were the Tiny Whoop FPV races and the open Fun Fly caged area. Both got a lot of attention and use.

The AMA leadership was there and great to see the Pres, Rich Hansen, Exec Officer Dave Mathewson, Mandy and our District XI VP Chuck Bowers along with the Assoc Vice Presidents per state.

They had a meeting in the log building at noon – Saturday and discussed some of moves to adopt and embrace drones into the hobby and how it can be beneficial for the upcoming generations and attract young people. Also discussed the working relationship that has gotten better with the FAA and the FAA’s acceptance of the AMA Safety Code and being recognized as a community based organization. Lots of good info and facts with a lively comment period after the program.

The Club booth had quite a flurry of activity. Hopefully the curiosity seekers will come and visit and join the Club.

There was a young lady by the name of Karine and is part of the Autonomous Flight Systems Laboratory from the University of Washington. The research group is using unmanned aerial systems to map farming, track animals, and advancing flight controls of drones. They fly their autonomous aircraft under supervision of the FAA and Part 107 (registration of drones over .55 lb.) She was inquiring about their group coming to the field and performing some flight tests. The Club is considering this and will be in touch with her or the group.

Mark and Chet approached Chuck Bowers and invited him to the field and events. Chet will send a special invitation to him so he can schedule time.

Ron Rueter will be updating the Club Face Book page and contacting everyone when he has it ready.

$90 Club dues are due by the end of business at the March 14th meeting. REMEMBER, you MUST have an active AMA 2017 membership to be a member of the Club. Please check your AMA cards or current membership status.

Chet will be sending in the 2017 Charter to the AMA

A motion was made, seconded and approved to pay Sandy $5 for each Freeze-In patch. The new design is a hexagon with the Freeze-In design and each year attended will have the year in rectangles surrounding it.  Very Nice!!

A motion was made, seconded and approved to pay $80 for the replacement banner that the Club booth was adorned with. It has the new web address and is nice and clean.


In an effort to keep the meeting short for Valentines Day the discussion was a discussion of the Expo, thoughts, ideas and purchases.

The FPV drone races were a big hit with many spectators watching the raced and flat screen that the Die Hard Racers set up.

The swap meet was reported as bigger than ever.

The Fun Fly gave out prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. 1st paid $50, 2nd paid $25 and 3rd paid $10. Wow, just for having fun!!

Mark bought a PT 17 bi-plane that needed a little love and is getting it ready for its new maiden flight.

Chet bought a Super Sportster EP that he has already flown and is solid. Just needed a receiver and battery.

Lots of planes, drones, hellies and flying apparatus went thru the doors of the swap meet even down to the last hour.

Ron is looking at getting vendors interest in a ‘Try Before You Buy’ sales idea and is looking at hosting even more drone events in the future.

Don Bailey brought his Mini Chipmunk that was made from a Guillows model kit and powers it with a 170 mAh lipo and a mini power kit with 3 channel control system. Really cool!!

Adjournment – 7:29 pm

Respectfully Submitted by:  Chet Blake  BBMAC Secretary