The meeting was called to order by President Chet Blake at approximately 6:31  with 12 members and 1 guest Miles, in attendance. Club Officers were introduced by the club President, Chet Blake:

  •    President – Chet Blake
  •    Vice President – Tim Shegrud
  •    Secretary – Mark Weeks
  •    Treasurer – Ron Swift
  •    Safety Officer – Vince Bell
  •    Field Manager – Jay Bell
  •    Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift
  •    Webmaster – Ron Rueter (Currently in AZ)

Chet called for additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web.  The minutes were then approved.


VP –  Freeze-In was a great success. Board met and worked out 2016 schedule of event to be presented during new business.

Treasurer – Finances are in good shape, there is still $190.00 in the field improvement fund from last year’s budget as well as money in reserves.

Secretary - The membership level at the present time is 34 plus 1 student members. 17 Members paid for 2016.

Safety Officer – Nothing has changed we are still being safe. Keep it up.

Newsletter Editor – Hard copies of the news letter are available, a number of copies have been sent to local hobby shops. Pictures and stories are needed.

Field Manager – Jay Bell has resigned and there is currently an opening, if interested contact a Board Member.

Webmaster – Items, stories, pictures are needed. As always looking for input, send to Ron.  


Mark brought up the idea of making a path out of pallets to transverse the wet ground and to make a safer path to cross the creek. Mark Started placing pallets.

AMA notifications about responses to Dot and FAA regulations. Mark to send letter to all members and to check with AMA to make sure all members are on their list. The AMA originally wanted members to hold off from registering with the FAA but they now feel that their progress and negotiations with the AMA will take beyond the February 19th deadline. Now they advise to register before Jan 19th to get the $5.00 refund or by February 19th to be legal. You are advised to take this seriously, fines can be quite high.

Bryan and Mike Bradshaw were talking about some of the Buzzards getting together and attending a indoor fly with the Barn owls.

The board will be meeting later this month to work out an event schedule; we will try and get it out before the NWMHE so it can be printed on the newsletters to hand out. Lots of ideas, Model Aviation Day, Quad Races, Night Fly, Boats and Floats, Fun Fly, and much more. We do not want to tie up every Saturday in the good weather months with events but we also want to experiment with the choices and amenities we now have at our disposal.

Freeze-In went great, 28 flyers and a half-dozen guests. It was a nice turnout and a great time.  Thanks to Sandy for the patches and food delivery.

NWMHE was held Jan 29th – 31st. The club had a booth and was well received. Lots of interest came from there and some good contacts.

The 2016 Executive Committee was announced and the meeting opening.


The board would like to propose the following events:

  •    April 30th - Night Fly Event 5:30pm.  
  •    May 14th   - Boats & Floats  Event    10:00am
  •    June 4th – Field Work Party    10:00am
  •    June 14th – Builders Contest (at regularly held business meeting 6:30 pm)
  •    June 18th – Open House/Auction  10:00am
  •    July 23rd – Fun Fly  10:00am
  •    August 13th – Model Aviation Day  10:00am
  •    August 27th – Quads and Gliders  10:00am
  •    September 18th – 2nd Boats & Floats Event  10:00am
  •    October 1st - Field Work Party    10:00am
  •    October 11th – Rebuilders contest  (at regularly held business meeting 6:30 pm)
  •    December 3rd – Christmas Party 3:00pm (held and Camp Edwards Lodge)
  •    January 7th – Freeze-in

Chet is the Primary Contest Director of record for the NWMHE held last weekend- Congrats! Ron was the backup CD.

Pallets have been started being place to make a path over the creek. Looking for good heavy duty pallets. Contact Mark.

AMA District VP Chuck Bower had a very informative meeting during the expo. The new FAA rules were the major topic of discussion. Most of what we do as AMA members is what the FAA seems to be adopting. To be safe and incompliance remember to have all your aircraft labeled.

The AMA gave away a 9 channel Spektrum radio system from a drawing of attendees.

Report from Arlington Eagles via Mike Bradshaw, they have secured their current field at least thru June. We are happy to hear that and we’ll still keep our doors open for them until we hear they don’t need the option.

We have scheduled 2 work parties, if there is a project you wish to take on please let Mark know so he can help coordinate.

All members will be receiving a 2016 application, please take the time to fill it out and return to Mark. We want to make sure the AMA and club has current e-mail and addresses.

Mark to work with Ron Rueter to ensure all member’s info is updated and they have access to Members Only section of website.

January Program: NWMHE. Robot Wars, Carpet Racers, Boat Pond, Indoor Fly-in.   Only two participants for the fly Competition first prize $50.00.  Second place was $20.00.  There was a larger swap area this year. The Mexican food was very good, as well as the coffee hut (Caffeine Drip).

Adjournment  7:58