The meeting was called to order by President Chet Blake at approximately 6:30 with 12 members and 1 guest, Doug Hoff in attendance. Club Officers were introduced by the club President, Chet Blake:

  • President Chet Blake
  • Vice President Tim Shegrud
  • Secretary Mark Weeks
  • Treasurer Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer Vince Bell
  • Field Manager Jay Bell
  • Newsletter Editor Ron Swift
  • Webmaster Ron Rueter (Currently in AZ)

Chet called for additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web.

The minutes were then approved.


VP December 12th  at 3:00pm was the Christmas party held at the lodge.   January 2nd was the Freeze-in it was a great success with 27 flyers and 10 guests in attendance the temperature at start of the event was a balmy 20 degrees.

Treasurer Finances are in good shape, there is still money in the field improvement fund as well as money in reserves. Cost for the Freeze-in was $138.34 with $35.00 in donations event cost was $103.34.  

Secretary - The membership level at the present time is 34 plus 1 student members. 13 Members paid for 2016. New member Ted Becker has joined our ranks.

Safety Officer Retrieving down aircraft is an issue, Eric had a incident during the Freeze-in and on Sunday he was able to retrieve his plane, but it is definitely wet and the buddy system should be used

Newsletter Editor Hard copies of the news letter are available, a number of copies have been sent to local hobby shops. Pictures and stories are needed.

Field Manager Jay is retiring as the field manager, his duties will be split up for the time being. We cannot thank Jay enough for all his hard work and guidance it getting the field to where it is today.

Web Master Items, stories, pictures are needed. As always looking for input, send to Ron.  


Christmas Party was December 12th at the lodge/Dinning hall and once again a great time. We had 13 attendees and we will look into a earlier date for 2016.

It would be a good idea to have the GPS coordinates located at the field. Mark nominated his wife to make a sign with GPS coordinates and Elevation to be placed on frequency board.

There has been an offer to the Arlington Eagles to use our flying field until they and acquire another field to use and get it flyable.

2016 Dues are due by the end of the March meeting, but can be paid anytime.

We accepted a new member Dave Beardslee. Welcome Dave!

For the time being there is no driving down through the pits, it is very wet and muddy.

Flight stations are wet and in need of something. The conversation about placing pavers in the locations was brought up. As the weather improves we will be adding the pavers to help mitigate water issues and help keep stations in their place.

Last meeting Chet brought up about needing to attack the water in the pits. Some of the ideas are; either build it up with dirt, and or 5/8 minus, add some sort of drainage system.  As spring approaches we will work on this more.

Model Hobby expo is Jan 29th 31st we will have a club booth. A sign-up sheet is being passed around and is on the website.

Log Book still needed at field. Mark will purchase a write in the rain tablet and will acquire a waterproof holder to place it. It will be mounted on the frequency board. Al brought in a holder and it will be installed with the notebook.

 Elections were held and results are:

  • President Chet Blake
  • VP   - Tim Shegrud
  • Secretary Mark Weeks
  • Treasurer Ron Swift
  • Safety officer Vince Bell
  • Special service award:  Len, Brian Douma, co-winners.

The AMA dues for 2016 will be sent in this year to take advantage of 2015 prices. Mark to handle.

Eric Johnson has lost a P51 on the north side of the road. Jay had a good photos and a possible line on how to get to it. Mark and Jay made an attempt to get retrieve it but were not able. Have a good idea how to get there now, just need to have right weather and time.


Mark brought up the idea of making a path out of pallets to transverse the wet ground and to make a safer path to cross the creek. Motion made and approved

AMA notifications about responses to Dot and FAA regulations. Mark to send letter to all members and to check with AMA to make sure all members are on their list. The AMA originally wanted members to hold off from registering with the FAA but they now feel that their progress and negotiations with the AMA will take beyond the Feb. 19th deadline. Now they advise to register before Jan 19th to get the $5.00 refund or by Feb. 19th to be legal. You are advised to take this seriously, fines can be quite high.

Chet received a card from Pricilla letting us know she is thinking about the club and sending best wishes.

Bryan and Mike Bradshaw were talking about some of the Buzzards getting together and attending a indoor fly with the Barn owls.

The board will be meeting later this month to work out an event schedule; we will try and get it out before the NWMHE so it can be printed on the newsletters to hand out. Lots of ideas, Model Aviation Day, Quad Races, Night Fly, Boats and Floats, Fun Fly, and much more. We do not want to tie up every Saturday in the good weather months with events but we also want to experiment with the choices and amenities we now have at our disposal

Any ideas please pass on to the board.

January Program: Christmas Show and Tell

Ron Swift Code Black Drone, small but full of features, GPS, camera Check it out at

Bryan Avitron Bird He has flown it a few times and it flies pretty nice.

Chet B-17 that was purchased on the special where $10.00 went to AMA. They are all sold out. He has flown it a couple of times and it flies nice

Doug Hoff Shared a couple of items that he and his son printed from their new 3-D printer,

Mark Dehalivan DH-86 balsa kit. Looks like a lot of work, but it will keep me out of trouble.

Adjournment  7:58