The meeting was called to order by President Chet Blake at approximately 6:30 with 11 members in attendance. Club Officers were introduced by the club President, Chet Blake:

  • President Chet Blake
  • Vice President Bryan Reightley
  • Secretary Mark Weeks
  • Treasurer Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer Vince Bell
  • Field Manager Jay Bell
  • Webmaster Ron Rueter
  • Newsletter Editor Ron Swift

Chet called for additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web.
No additions or correction: The minutes were then approved.


VP Bryan reported on the Fun Fly event and its success. 1st place went to Tim,  2nd  place to Eric, 3rd place to Ron Swift. Thanks to Sandy Duval for cooking lunch, and Jay for fixing the large pop-up. Thanks goes to Chet for his first event as CD and Jim Reynolds as score keeper.

Also up-coming events, The Combat event has been canceled for this year.   

September 12th is the Float and Fly event, October is the Rebuilders contest. January 2nd will be the Freeze-In.

Secretary - The membership level at the present time is 30 members new member Sam Gibson  has been added to our ranks.

Treasurer Finances are in good shape, there is still money in the field improvement fund as well as money in reserves.  A motion was made to up our donation to $600.00 to our charity.

Safety Officer If you go out to retrieve your plane or copter please be careful. Safety ideas pace a Ziploc bag for you cell phone and a large bag for your transmitter. Thanks to Bryan and Mark for these ideas.

Newsletter Editor Hard copies of the news letter are available, a number of copies have been sent to local hobby shops.

Field Manager Jay was absent but sent a bucket of dirt from a local supplier for all to see what we can get for $2.00 per yard. He also is looking into trucking rated, so far around $105.00 per hour for truck and driver. Any ideas please pass them along.

Web Master Items, stories, pictures are needed. If you come across something of interest to you it might be the same to others so share send to Ron.  


Field watering is happening again as the heat continues and we need to protect out investment. Looks like we started just in time as the grass is starting to green up again. Looking for volunteers to help water , mostly in the evenings as the mornings are being covered by Len Douma and Mark, Contact Jay to help.

We have had a couple of new members out at the field, positive feedback for them all.

The AMA sent out a letter for club presidents to send to local senators to help preserve our hobby.

Ron Rueter is spearheading the charging table project and getting power closer to the pit area. Discussion followed;

  • The idea as to its placement.
  • Is the wiring in the barn sufficient to handle the load
  • Original idea was to have it located close to barn.

In the end a motion was made to set-up near barn door, make a semi fireproof enclosure to go over the table that Mark built. Also run a new circuit from the power box to supply the station.


Bryan reported on his attempt on the fun Fly  retrieval  of a down plane. He found water a couple of times and in the tall grass you can stumble upon it quickly.  Its always best to use the buddy system, keep a cell phone with you and give your number to others at the field.

Jay, Mark,  Brian Douma spent some time with a brush hog looking for a way across the field and creek. It was rough going and in the end it was abandoned due to standing water and the brush hog sticking in the wet terrain. Ideas  are always welcome.

Chet reported on ORCA- a field in the San Jaun Islands and some of the issues that they have to deal with. We really do have it good and it will only get better with time.

Hanners Memorial Field sign added to Frequency board, thanks to Ronna Weeks.

Discussion  regarding Combat event scheduled for the 29th of Aug.  IF a plane was to go down is it safe to retrieve? A motion was made to cancel the event for this year and work out some of the field needs to make it a safe and rewarding event next year.


Paul Dibble presented a very informative Helicopter demonstration, he brought many sizes from a small Blade to his 550 Align. He explained some of each features and Telemetry systems. HE is willing to help with training for all that wish to join in.