The meeting was called to order by President Chet Blake at approximately 6:30 with 14 members and  one guest Doug Hoff  in attendance. Club Officers were introduced by the club President, Chet Blake:

  • President – Chet Blake
  • Vice President – Bryan Reightley
  • Secretary – Mark Weeks
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer – Vince Bell
  • Field Manager – Jay Bell
  • Webmaster – Ron Rueter
  • Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift

Chet called for additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web.

No additions or correction: The minutes were then approved.


VP – Bryan reported on the open house. Even though the event may have had fewer members and guests attending than we wished for the Open house and Field dedication went well. Rick Hanners’s sisters donated $1000 to the club in his name and another $500.00 to our charity. Rick’s fiancée Priscilla Godbee also donated $500.00 to the club. July 25th will be the Fun Fly event and August ___ (September 12, 2015 - edited by webmaster) will be our combat event.

Secretary - The membership level at the present time is 28 members all who have paid for 2015.

Treasurer – Clubs Finances are in good shape with the open house bringing in a total of $1,821.00 through donations and auction items. Jay still has some outstanding receipts for planed and budgeted field maintenance to turn in.

Safety Officer – This summer is a warm one “it is HOT out there”, there is water and drinks in the fridge use what you need and replace what you use. Also on the safety note when charging batteries double check to make sure you have the correct settings selected. Not paying attention is a sure way to start a fire.

Newsletter Editor – Hard copies of the news letter are available, a number of copies have been sent to local hobby shops.

Field Manager – The horse is gone and the upper gate is repaired. Thanks (Brian Douma and Jay Bell), Dick Broderson has donated a hose to assist in the field watering operations. Mowing of the pit are is opening up area farther south to get us closer to the middle of the field.  The large canopy has a broken stringer and is being repaired once fixed it will be up and providing shade. We are looking for a couple of 5 gallon buckets to hold water or sand just in case something gets Hot.

Web Master – Items, stories, pictures are needed. If you come across something of interest to you it might be the same to others so share send to Ron.  AMA Dues information will be placed on the Web. Send to Ron.


 Open House – Lynn called Chet after the Open House and told him how much it meant to her to have Rick remembered and honored by the club. Priscilla also sent him and card that he read to the club staring how much she wished she could have attended. Thanks to Ron Swift  for the binder of Rick Memories and pictures that was given to Lynn.

Jay had the Buzzard sign repainted and Hanners Memorial Field sign made and placed on the barn.

The communication Board is up and looks great. Thanks again to Jay, Dick, for working so hard on it and also to Chet and Mark for helping install it.

Flight tables are being repaired  here and there, the 8’ x 10’ table has a new top and has been repainted.

Jays list of projects is dwindling down, thanks to all that have helped. If you have something in mind you would like to see happen contact Jay


Field watering is happening again as the heat continues and we need to protect out investment. Looks like we started just in time as the grass is starting to green up again. Looking for volunteers to help water , mostly in the evenings as the mornings are being covered by Len Douma and Mark, Contact Jay to help.

We have had a couple of new members out at the field, positive feedback for them all.

There is a Fun Fly on July 25th starting at 10:00am. Let others know and come out and have a great time.

Combat is scheduled for Aug 29th. Combat the Buzzards way. (Scott Curtis CD.)

Another Float and Fly event has been scheduled for September 12th.

The AMA sent out a letter for club presidents to send to local senators to help preserve our hobby.

Ron Rueter shared a wonderful storied about a quad and car (his) and how quads don’t fly well under them.

Ron Rueter is spearheading the charging table project and getting power closer to the pit area. If you wish to help contact him or Jay.

Program:  Ron Swift presented information about the upcoming Fun Fly. What involved and what to except.  Thanks Ron

Adjournment: 8:08

Respectfully Submitted by: Mark Weeks, Secretary