The meeting was called to order by President Chet Blake at approximately 6:30 pm with 12 members and 1 guest Ted Becker in attendance. Club Officers were introduced by the club President, Chet Blake:

  • President – Chet Blake
  • Vice President – Bryan Reightley
  • Secretary – Mark Weeks
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer – Vince Bell
  • Field Manager – Jay Bell
  • Webmaster – Ron Rueter
  • Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift

Chet called for additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web. Corrections to the minutes were Bryan Reightley’s name was spelled incorrectly, and the float event is on May 23rd.

The minutes were then approved.


VP – Bryan reported the May 2015 meeting will be held at the field also at the May meeting the builders contest judging will occur.  May 23rd we will have the float-fly event

Secretary - The membership level at the present time is 27 members all who have paid for 2015. The AMA charter renewal has been sent in and there is a copy of the clubs insurance on file.

Treasurer – We are financially doing well, all bills are paid. We got a $15.00 donation for field improvements from Jeff Carey and his son Brian.

Safety Officer - Vince reminded us to try landing from the south sometimes to get used to a different direction.

Newsletter Editor – Hard copies of the news letter are available, a number of copies have been sent to local hobby shops.

Field Manager – The new drain at the North side of the field is installed and seems to be working well, there is a good amount of water flowing through the pipe. Fertilizer has been spread and the next project will be getting the lake area ready for the float-fly event in May.


Builders Contest judging will be on May12th, there is still time to enter your projects for just a $10.00 fee. The meeting will be held at the Camp Edward lodge.

Jay is working on the sign for Hanner’s Memorial Field and will have it ready for the June dedication.

Chet did was not able to obtain much information on the estate sale from Rick Hanner’s sister, he was able to obtain 12 of Rick’s instruction DVD’s that will be donated to the club auction.


May 12th  -  Builders Contest

May 23th  - Float Event ( both in the air and on the water)

Thanks goes out to Ron Swift and Paul Dibble for spending time at the field with Jeff Carey and his son Brian so they could fly a bit.

2015 Rent has been paid in full, thank you Bryan.

Field maintenance was discussed.  There are some low spots that need to be filled as they are holding water. Also discussed was adding drainage like what was done at the North-end to other locations that have a tendency to hold water.

AMA request for response FAA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) COMMENT NOW deadline April 24th. If you have not yet please take the time and respond.

Dick Resler and Jay Bell are working on the frequency board.

Mark Weeks reported on a former RC pilot that was walking along the road last week-end and asked about the club, he has our information and lets hope we hear back from him as a new member.  There is a surprising amount of foot traffic on the road.

At the meeting the discussion of to how we can get the word out about the field. Some ideas:  make a location for newsletters and applications near front gate. Jay and Al to work on holders. There was talk of adding more information such as signage with the website address, spelling out BBMAC,(Barnyard Buzzards Model Airplane Club) etc. Keep the ideas coming.


Bryan Reightley brought 3 sailplanes to share. His first sailplane was an Olympic 650, a balsa built gem, he shared his experience of a new pilot and his upgrade to his next glider a “no name” he picked up for a mere song. And his latest hangar addition the Mystique 2.9M Res, over time there has been some modifications to the designs, but you can still see their roots. Bryan is waiting for warmer weather and greater thermals to have a relaxing day kicking back and watching it soar. If soaring sounds like your cup of tea, look him up and ask him a question.

Thanks for sharing

Adjournment: 7:45pm

Mark Weeks - Secretary