The meeting was called to order by President Chet Blake at approximately 6:30 pm with 14 members and 1 guest Rick’s significant other Pricilla were in attendance. Club Officers were introduced by the club President, Chet Blake:

  • President – Chet Blake
  • Vice President – Brian Reightley
  • Secretary – Mark Weeks
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer – Vince Bell
  • Field Manager – Jay Bell
  • Webmaster – Ron Rueter
  • Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift

Chet called for additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web.  The minutes were approved.

Don’t forget a current 2015 AMA card is required to gain or continue membership and fly at any chartered field such as ours.


VP – Brian reported on the board meeting and the list of events planned for 2015 (see new Business). The horse may be leaving sometime this summer as its owner is looking for a new place.

We are looking at the Boy rather than the Cub Scouts for merit badge training.  

Scout Camp will be from July 5th through Aug 18th, so the lake use will be off limits during that time.

We have a OK to cut down the cherry trees and save the wood for Ranger Dave.

There is a plan to relocate the porta- potties out of the barn and if needed a privacy wall erected.

Secretary - The membership level at the present time is 26 members all who have paid for 2015.

Treasurer – We are financially doing well, all bills are paid. We have money budgeted for field improvements, and other needs. There are Gold Leader pins available for purchase, $3.00 ea and some 10 Leader patches still available.

Safety Officer - Vince reminded us to all be careful, and that the electrics need a little more caution as they can start props spinning quickly and without much notice or noise.

Newsletter Editor – Hard copies of the news letter are available

Field Manager – The field is dryer and is ready for some spring fertilizing. Jay will be purchasing some and set up a plan to get it on the field.


A motion was brought forth to name our field after Rick Hanners, Motion was seconded and passed. ‘Hanners Memorial Field’ is the new field name.

We received our Gold Leader notification, and a motion was brought to purchase 25 pins. Pins will cost members $3.00 each

The banner used at the Expo does have listed as our web address, but it is forwarded to, so either way will get to the current site.


Board meeting this month to plan events, some ideas:

  • May 12th  -  Builders Contest
  • May 23th  - Float Event ( both in the air and on the water)  Lets hope planes are in the air and not under the water
  • June 20th - Club Auction and Open House
  • July 25th  - Fun Fly
  • August 29 -  Combat
  • September  -  Still open
  • October 13 - Rebuilders contest  - And for those who were at the field Sat I not have one to enter
  • November -  Open
  • December12th  - Christmas Party
  • January 2, 2016 - Freeze In

Jay has been commissioned by the board to have a sign made “Hanners Memorial Field” to be dedicated on the June 20th event.

Pylon Races – Paul has volunteered to look into rules and how we can adapt them for our field and needs

Gate Combo – The combo to the gate has been changed and sent to the paid members.

ID cards - There are new 2015 ID cards now printed and I will get them to each of you.

Project List -  Jay presented his proposed project list and we discussed  the ideas. I will send out work-party invites as needed. If you see a item that you wish to do, please contact Jay or myself and we will help facilitate it.

There was a motion to allocate $1000.00 for field improvements in addition to the $300.00 left over from the late- fall, early winter project fund. Motion was seconded and approved.


Jay Bell shared his ME109 and Stuka both from FMS Models. Nice looking planes and as reported they handle well even in a light wind.

Thanks for Sharing Jay

Adjournment: 7:45pm