The meeting was called to order by President Chet Blake at approximately 6:29pm with 16 members in attendance. Club Officers were introduced by the club President, Chet Blake:

  • President – Chet Blake
  • Vice President – Jim Reynolds
  • Secretary – Rick Hanners
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer – Vince Bell
  • Field Manager – Jay Bell
  • Webmaster – Ron Rueter
  • Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift

Chet called for any additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web/newsletter.  No corrections or additions to the minutes were brought up and a motion was made to accept the minutes.  The minutes were approved.


VP – A reminder to all club members that the Christmas Party will be on December 13th up at Camp Edward, starting at 3pm.  If you have something to drop off, you can pull up in front of the meeting hall to do so but all parking will be across the street in the parking lot.  Saturday, January 3rd will be the Annual Freeze In at the flying field, starting at 10am.  Dress appropriately.  No further events have been planned for 2015 at this time.

Treasurer – The club treasury stands at a healthy level.  Dues for 2015 have been collected from 6 members and there is still the money set aside for the purchase of some fill soil and so forth.

Secretary – The membership level at the present time is 30 paid members.  The newest member is Brian Douma.

Safety Officer – The land surrounding the field has gotten even wetter.  Stepping off of the runway would probably have the water up to anyone’s ankles immediately.  So be extremely cautious if you need to go out into the land around the field.

Webmaster – Looking for any stories, articles, pictures and anything else of interest to put on the website.

Newsletter Editor - Printed copies of the newsletter are available for anyone who wishes a hard copy.  Also looking for any pictures, stories or articles for the newsletter.

Field Manager – The surrounding area is extremely wet, so one should only venture out there if absolutely necessary.  We would like to get rid of the beavers and their dams but as Jim Reynolds reported in the past, the relocation of beavers was a nature study involving an Indian tribe and various state/federal agencies.  It is not a program that is available to the club.


Christmas Party

The rangers and Scott Findley were invited to attend the Christmas party.  As a reminder, there will be a gift exchange is anyone wishes to participate in it.  There is a suggested $10 limit.  We will have access to all the facilities at the Scout Hall, which includes the freezer, refrigerator, microwave and even dinnerware.  However, disposable knives, forks, bowls, plates and so forth are going to be provided so we can avoid having a dishwashing “event” after our party.  Jay is going to drop off some wood so that a fire can be started in the fireplace.

Road Marker

PVC conduit to build up a road marker, has not been secured yet but tinsel to use for the “structure” is now easily available due to the Christmas season.

Clean Fill

The fill is available from a quarry about 3 – 4 miles north of the Lake Roesiger Road turn off but it still hasn’t been investigated as yet.  Spring will be the most likely time when we will purchase same.

NW Expo

The club booth is secured and the location of it will most likely be on the website tomorrow.  The Buzzards and Emerald City RC are shown as sponsors by the AMA.  The indoor flying event is being AMA sanctioned and the AMA wanted a club affiliation for that, so both clubs get listed as sponsors.


AMA Cards

AMA cards for 2015 are now available when a member’s AMA dues for 2015 are paid.  As a reminder to all members, as of January 1st, 2015, a 2015 AMA card will be needed to fly at the field.

Field Condition

There are a few low spots that need to have some fill added to them to re-level those areas.  As it is to wet to do at the moment, it should be planned for dryer weather in the late spring or early summer.  Several weeks ago it was impossible to get to the field due to a tree down across Monroe Camp Road.  The rangers have told us that if access is blocked, we can come in through Camp Pigott but with caution.

2015 Board & Service Award Nominations/Election

Nominations for the 2015 Officer positions and the Club Service Award were opened again by President Chet Blake.  The nominations/election results are as follows:

  • SECRETARY – Mark Weeks – ELECTED
  • VICE PRESIDENT – Bryan Reightley – ELECTED
  • PRESIDENT – Chet Blake – ELECTED
  • SPECIAL SERVICE AWARD – Bryan Reightley
  •                         Jay Bell – WINNER OF THE 2014 SERVICE AWARD
  •                         Mark Weeks

Field Issues/Suggestions/Work to Do in 2015

  • Several lightening fixtures in the barn need to be replaced and possibly the power switches also.
  • Install some outside AC power outlets for the use of chargers.
  • The side door for the barn needs to be replaced.
  • The Sani-cans need to be removed from inside the barn.  It was suggested in the past that they be put at the SE corner of the barn and then all we need to do is to build a two (2) sided visual shield.
  • Fill in the runway low spots with some clean fill.
  • Cutback into the hillside and remove the 2 small trees to straighten out the parking lot area, then install some large rock on top of the road cloth we have, to fill in that whole area.  We could then put smaller rock on top of that.  Something similar to what was done to the road surface built up at the old Sultan field.   
  • Possibly build a lean2 type of structure once the parking lot is done, as a shelter from the weather for members to gather under.
  • Select a location and install the frequency board.
  • Need to remove old farm equipment on the slope.  The rangers have offered to remove the equipment but this won’t be done till their tractor is returned.
  • The pile of dirt was going to be used at Camp Pigott but there are no specific plans for it.  If it isn’t  going to be used by the scouts, we can probably use it if we want.
  • Install a French drain type of system after grading is finished in the parking area.
  • At Hughes Lake we need to remove some brush, remove a water soaked log and install either a ramp or steps to make it easier to get to the T dock.  The dock could stand to be secured better along with updates to the dock such as a ramp into the water and the ability to open the safety railing to make launching and recovery of aircraft easier.

Meeting adjourned at 7:31pm

    Rick Hanners, Club Secretary