The meeting was called to order by President Chet Blake at approximately 6:33pm with 12 members in attendance and one guest, Mike Bradshaw. Club Officers were introduced by the club President, Chet Blake:

  • President – Chet Blake
  • Vice PresidentJim Reynolds
  • Secretary – Rick Hanners
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer – Vince Bell
  • Field Manager – Jay Bell
  • Webmaster Ron Rueter
  • Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift

 Chet called for additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web/newsletter.  It was pointed out that some typo corrections had been made and a motion was made to accept the minutes.  The minutes were approved.


VP – Joe Goff from the Arlington Eagles asked to have the possibility of a reciprocal membership agreement brought up at the Buzzards September meeting.  It would consist of a $20 fee to join their club and vice versa for them to join ours.  This would allow their members and ours, to fly at either field.  The reciprocal member would be a non-voting member.  Joe is going to bring the same issue up to the Eagles membership at their club meeting.  Ron Swift brought up a concern that a reciprocal member might not be aware of all of the rules for our field plus our gate combination would then extend beyond our membership.  Chet pointed out that our club members were provided with their gate combination and we were allowed to fly for free up there in our time of need but agreed that some sort of orientation/checkout procedure should be in place at each club if the reciprocal agreement is put into place.

A motion was made to proceed with the agreement with the understanding that if we have an orientation procedure, we share it with any interested party.  MOTION PASSED.  This will all hinge on the Arlington Eagles also agreeing to a reciprocal agreement.

Treasurer – The club treasury stands at a healthy level.  Next month the 2015 budget will be presented.

Secretary – The membership level at the present time is 28 paid members.  Recently a survey request was sent to Tim Baird as the BBMAC club contact.  Lois Mock of the AMA was contacted about that issue.  The AMA does have the Secretary listed as the Club Contact but the survey request was done using the previous years contact list as the end of the club chart renewal period was not finished at the time.  This issue has now been corrected.

Safety Officer – No issues to report but with more members starting to fly at the new field, space will start to get tighter, so members should be more aware of their environment plus we will eventually need to get all the various things like tables, pilot enclosures, etc. in place.

Newsletter Editor - Printed copies of the newsletter are available for anyone who wishes a hard copy.  Hobbytown has requested some more copies to hand out.

Field Manager – We need to spread fertilizer on the runway as a fall/winter feed and would like to do that on Saturday, September 13th.  Also cheap ($2 a yard), screened fill has been located just a few miles away at a quarry and it might be a good idea to buy some for the bare spots and ruts on the field.

A motion was made to allocate $300 to purchase the screened dirt, fertilizer and any fuel associated with this activity of rut filling and bare spot covering at the field.  MOTION PASSED.

Webmaster – There have been some broken links on the website but they will be corrected.  Also any content that can be posted, such as pictures and articles, would be appreciated.  On a side note, it would be nice to eliminate the beaver dam to the south.  The state is going to be moving beavers from western to eastern Washington and perhaps we could get them to trap and move these beavers so that the dam could be dealt with.  Jim Reynolds volunteered to research this.


 FAA Special Rule

September 23rd is the new deadline for submitting comments.  On the AMA website is some suggested wording for a reply to the FAA.  It is suggested that all club members submit their opposition to the FAA interpretation of Model Aircraft rules.

 Hill Clearance

We were talking about seeding it with some cheap grass seed but since the last meeting, it has started to get “green” with the growth of weeds and other foliage, so probably we do not need to seed it.

 Christmas Party

The party has been tentatively set for December 13th.  Bryan contacted Matt and the lodge is now booked for December 13th.  Ron Swift reported that one caterer would ask $20 a head due to the distance they would have to travel.  No plans were finalized as to what sort of party (catered, potluck, etc.) we are going to have.


The grader that Robb Sarsten used during field construction still is sitting in place.  Bryan Reightley will contact him again about moving it out of our field area.

 Hughes Lake

How to haul stuff out to the lake as a group, still has to be worked out.  The rangers have a small runabout that could be used but it would probably be better to have a small light trailer.  No solution has been worked out yet.

 Flight Pattern Approach Height Over Road

We need to highlight where the road is for an approach from the north plus provide some sort of height reference so people do not come over the road to low.  Jay Bell is going to come up with hardware to do this and set it up.


 Field Development Progress

The new frequency board was delivered into the barn and will need to be setup along with all the other field equipment at the appropriate time.  With the fall rainy season approaching us, we probably need to start cutting back on how much we water.  This will be a judgment call but probably by the end of September we will probably stop watering.  Currently the water schedule is covered by members.

 Members were cautioned about aircraft recovery due to hidden small creeks and standing water, especially in the area to the north of the road.  It is strongly advised to have a walking stick to test the ground in front of you plus wear at least rubber boots.  Downed aircraft recovery can be difficult due to the nature of the land surrounding the flying field.

 Chet also brought to the membership’s attention that when you unlock the gate to come into the field, you should rotate the combination tumblers so they do not stay at the correct combination as there are any number of people who walk/drive, up and down the road.

 Possible Fall Meeting Location

Alfy’s was contacted to schedule our meetings at that location.  Chet reported that the gal he spoke with penciled us in the schedule but also told Chet that she had to talk with someone else about it.  So Chet is going to contact them again to make sure that the club meetings are scheduled in.


Ron Swift reported that he had purchased a bunch of wings and other bits.  He brought up the idea of possibly assembling a club trainer out of these bits but there was still the issue of how it would be maintained and stored.  This discussion was tabled.

 Meeting adjourned at 7:41pm

 ………Rick Hanners, Club Secretary