The meeting was called to order by President Chet Blake at approximately 6:31pm with 12 members in attendance and one guest, Ted Becker. Club Officers were introduced by the club President, Chet Blake:

  • President – Chet Blake
  • Vice President – Jim Reynolds
  • Secretary – Rick Hanners
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer – Vince Bell
  • Field Manager – Jay Bell
  • Webmaster – Ron Rueter
  • Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift

Chet called for additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web/newsletter.  It was pointed out that some typo corrections had been made and a motion was made to accept the minutes.  The minutes were approved.


VP – Nothing pending at the moment.  As December gets closer more discussion about plans for the Christmas party will be discussed.

Treasurer – The club treasury stands at a healthy level.   The club did pay Rob Sarsten $4500 for all the field development work.

Secretary – The membership level at the present time is 28 paid members.

Safety Officer – No issues to report but nothing has been setup as yet, such as a safety fence, so just be extra aware till things are fully setup.

Newsletter Editor - Printed copies of the newsletter are available for anyone who wishes a hard copy.  

Field Manager – The grass on the runway is growing and being watered but the grass has not taken in the pits/parking area most likely due to lack of watering.  Thanks to Mark Weeks and Jim Reynolds especially for putting in lots of time to keep the runway watered plus everyone else who has done this.  There is a possibility of switching over the hose to a larger water pipe and that is being looked into.  Should allow possibly watering in the pits/parking area.

Webmaster – There has been some issues with some of the programming but most issues have been resolved.  Chet suggested that a link to the minutes and newsletter be put on the first page.


Field Construction/Hill Clearance

A watering schedule has been created for people to sign up.  The schedule was passed around to the members present to try and fill in any of the holes.  There doesn’t appear to be any issues with the watering saturating the dirt with the length of time each of the 7 watering stations is on.  The grass is growing on the runway.  Come the fall we probably need to fertilize the runway to encourage more grass growth.  

 Now that the hillside is cleared, we probably need to put some cheap grass seed on it to prevent a run off.  Jay will check out what cheap seed is available at Del’s.  

Christmas Party

The party has been tentatively set for December 13th.  Bryan Reightley was to check to see if the lodge was available for a possible pot luck dinner.  Nothing was ever definitively decided as to if the club was going to a restaurant, having the meal catered or doing a pot luck.  Ron Swift volunteered him and Sandy to look for catering prices.  Ron Swift also brought up the possibility of him bringing a cooked Turkey or Ham if a pot luck was decided.


Field Development Progress

The runway was hydroseeded on July 28th and by the 30th, watering stations were setup.  We have a fair amount of new grass growth but we need to continue watering to promote root growth.  There is also the possibility we might want to manually put down grass seed to fill in any thin areas.  The club also needs to think about fertilizing in the fall.  Eventually, some work parties need to be organized to finish any cleanup and to setup tables, fences and so forth.  Jay mentioned that Ranger Dave said we could use some of the pile of top soil to spread on the runway or where needed.  Member donated grass seed has been put out and members can still donate more to be used on runway thin spots.

FAA Special Rule

Chet brought up the proposed changes by the FAA of rules to govern not only FPV flying but items that would affect all modelers.  He urged members to write an email or other form of correspondence to the FAA in opposition to what the proposed rules they are coming up with are.  September 23rd is the new dateline for submitting comments.  On the AMA website is some suggested wording for a reply to the FAA.

Possible Fall Meeting Location

Alfy’s was suggested as the location for our fall/winter meetings and Chet is going to schedule same with Alfy’s.

Index Art Festival

Lots of people stopped by the booth, especially kids to run the retract simulator.  There were a number of different types of aircraft on display for all to see.  Ron estimated that he talked to hundreds of people ranging from 4 to 80 years old.


Bryan has asked Rob to possibly remove his road leveler as soon as he can.  Bryan also said he was going to talk with Ranger Matt or Dave to get the lock on the gate latched properly so that either lock can open the gate.  The lock issue appears to have been resolved.  Lake Hughes is now available for use 24/7 but we need to come in via the Camp Piggott entrance.  There was some discussion about putting some sort of marking near the road to ensure that fliers don’t come in to low over the road when landing.

Meeting adjourned at 7:19pm

Rick Hanners, Club Secretary