The meeting was called to order by President Chet Blake at approximately 6:34pm with 13 members in attendance and one guest. Club Officers were introduced by the club President, Chet Blake:

  • President – Chet Blake
  • Vice President – Jim Reynolds
  • Secretary – Rick Hanners
  • Treasurer – Ron Swift
  • Safety Officer – Vince Bell
  • Field Manager – Jay Bell
  • Webmaster – Ron Rueter
  • Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift

Field manager Jay Bell, Webmaster Ron Rueter and Vice President Jim Reynolds were not in attendance.  Chet called for additions or corrections to the minutes as published on the web/newsletter.  No one provided any corrections and a motion was made to accept the minutes.  The minutes were approved.


VP –The Builders Contest is scheduled for the June meeting and will be in one of the buildings at the Boy Scout camp, Bryan Reightley is going to make sure that we can use to the main dining building.  Currently there are 3 entries in the contest but there is still time to enter and the newsletter has information about the contest.

Secretary - The membership level at the present time is 28 paid members.  The AMA insurance for the new field plus the lake, is now in place.  A copy of the insurance certificate has already been sent to the Boy Scout Council Headquarters.  A letter was drafted and sent to Arleen Gibson to inform her that the site insurance for her property has been terminated.

Treasurer – The club treasury stands at a healthy level.  We still have the money earmarked for our donation to the Monroe Food Bank in the checking account.  It was suggested that either a check be mailed to the food bank or Ron Swift deliver same, as arranging a meeting with several board members to turn over the check has not been possible to date.  Ron Swift agreed to get this done. No new membership dues were received since the last meeting.

Safety Officer - No safety issues have been reported.  Chet suggested that some time in the future we should find a way to make where the channel going thru the property is located as it is at least 5 feet deep and just drops off.  Someone going to retrieve an aircraft might fall in accidentally.  Possibly outline part of it with the fencing materials we have from the old field.

Newsletter Editor - Printed copies of the newsletter are available for anyone who wishes a hard copy.  Galaxy Hobby and Hobby Town still get our newsletter and post same.


Good Bye Field Potluck

People brought a variety of food and the grill was in full operation.  Members were able to get in some flight despite rain moving in.  People gathered in the pole barn and shared some camaraderie.

Fern Bluff Pack Up and Leave Work Party

We had an excellent turn out for the day.  Loading started about 9:30 and we were out of there with all of our stuff by 11am.  We finished storing all of our equipment out at Camp Brinkley by 1pm.  Chet thanked everyone who attended and made the move a success.   

Builders Contest

The Builders contest has been moved to June.  To be held in the main dining building.  There are currently 3 entries in the contest.


Possible Lake Usage

The question was brought up about how do we use the lake.  Currently from the end of June to about mid-August, the camping season is going on and we would have to stay away.  Bryan Reightley thought that we could just send Ranger Dave an email to notify him that you want to use the lake, however, no procedure is currently in place for the lake use and that needs to be worked out before we actually start using it.  If a member goes to the lake to use it and finds people using boats on the lake, no flying should be done.  

Walk, Talk and Field Layout Work Party

A “work” party is scheduled for May 17th to get input from the members who show up on how to actually layout the field and to put in stakes with construction tape used to outline the work area.  This will help the dirt guy to more accurately get an idea as to how much work and materials might be involved.  The dirt guy still hasn’t had time to knock down the blackberry vines by the side of the corral, so we can see what the hillside there looks like.

There was a general discussion about covering the runway with a fabric or other similar material.  It was decided to just get the grass field in first and worry about such updates for another time.  Bryan Reightley explained where the dirt would be coming from on the Scout property.  Bryan was also going to have a discussion with the dirt guy to work out the financial logistics.

Possible Float/Boat Event

We currently have clearance for the 5th, 7th and 14th for a possible float/boat event.  It was decided to shoot for the 7th as the date for this event, with the 14th as a back up date.  This will be a club only event so we can have a trial run at the lake location and see what logistics might be involved for parking, model setup areas, recovery boat usage and so forth.  Once all of this is known, then having an open event would be possible.  There would be no flying fee.  If there is to be food, someone will make a run into Monroe and purchase a variety of food and drinks.


The club hopes to do some events later in the year.  Possibly a combat event in the fall.  Other events will depend on when the new field starts to actually take shape.

On June 28th the name of the camp will change from Camp Brinkley to Camp Edward.  

Brian Richardson announced that he will be retiring soon and then leaving for Iowa to prepare for a move out there in July.  

Tom Fixel showed some plans for a float plane called the Drake.  It appears that it could easily be converted to electric flight.

Scott Curtis brought in a projector and PC to help visualize what the runway might look like superimposed on a Google Earth picture of the new field.  Scott was able to make superimpose an approximate 75'x400' runway in the area that had been previously discussed using a wall map.  After moving this “runway” on the Google Earth picture, it looked essentially like what had been shown using the paper maps.  It was pointed out that the stationary mapping was good for a general idea of what the area would eventually look like and help laying out the various field elements but that the Saturday field layout meeting would provide the most realistic visualization when stakes were put in the ground and tape run between them.

Ron Swift provided a repeat performance on float planes and how to determine float size and location based on some simple math.  Ron provided handouts of the material to the members to look at plus answered various questions that members had.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm

    Rick Hanners, Club Secretary