News came out a few weeks ago about the Arlington Eagles having to clear out of their field by end of Dec. this year.

At a recent Board meeting it was discussed and voted on to  invite for them to use our field as desired, the same offer they made to us while we were transitioning 2 different times. At the Oct meeting I requested membership approval on the decision and it was unanimously approved to extend the offer.

I went to their meeting Tues night 10/20 and offered them the use of our field until they obtain and build their new home. If any of you remember, this was quite a trying time for us and we lost membership. By extending the use of our field it is with hope that they will retain membership as long as they have a place to fly. I was both excited and proud that we are in a position to make this offer. This is all due to the hard work and efforts of you, the membership.

We had originally considered making a reciprocating agreement (Board approved) with the Eagles where as we could join the Eagles for a modest fee as a social member with flying rights only. No voting rights or elected position rights and they could join the Buzzards under the same conditions. After thinking it over I felt we were too eager and too young in our filed development and asked the Board to rescind that offer due to lack of amenities at our field and the development efforts we were putting into it.

This did cause a stir amongst the Eagles. I did explain to a few of them that I had contact with early last year and they understood and would wait for a later opportunity. I explained the same again Tues night. When they get settled, up and running we can explore that again.

I presented the Safety Rules and Field Rules plus went over the enclosed Welcome document. It was received with smiles and many thanks. I told them that I would be sure to forward the Thanks to you all for making it possible.

If you see a new face at the field, introduce yourself, get acquainted and extend our usual camaraderie, the trait we are best known for.

Thank you all and represent the Club well. It can pay back in huge dividends.