Hi Guys,

              This coming SATURDAY, APRIL 26TH, 10AM, RAIN OR SHINE, we have a Moving On work party!  As you know, our lease ends on April 30th, so we have to have all of our stuff taken from our current field and hauled up to our new location for storage.  We need TRUCKS and TRAILERS for hauling tables, fence material, piles of wood, the grill, sani-cans and so forth.  So we need bodies!!   WE NEED YOU, THE CLUB MEMBER, to help get this done!  

I'd suggest shovels, socket sets, saws, wire cutters, picks, work gloves, crow bars, crescent wrenches, locking pliers, mud boots, chain saws (?) and just about any other implement of deconstruction that you can bring with you.  Probably the most extensive removal work will be getting the fence posts out of the ground.  I believe Jay is going to pick up a tool that will help with that but there are a LOT of fence posts to get out of the ground.

In any case, RAIN OR SHINE, we are going to have this work party.  I'm pretty sure we can get everything moved out on Saturday but if some more needs to be done, we will need to show up Sunday as well.  I'll send out an email if that is necessary but I'm pretty sure it will not be.

So gear up and come out to help.  This is YOUR CLUB and it needs to be supported by the MEMBERS.  See you then.

Jay Bell reminded me to ask people to bring a couple of other items to this Saturday's work party:

Ratcheting Tie Downs and Plastic Tarps

So if you have either of these items, please also bring them along with you other instruments of deconstruction.

Rick Hanners,  Club Secretary

Note: Emphasis added by Webmaster