Hey Guys,

                   Chet wanted to send this out, to thank club members that showed up for what turned out to be a big job, done in a pretty timely manner due to the large turnout of members.  I'd also like to personally extend my thanks to everyone, who responded to the "call to arms" so to speak.  A special thanks and shout out to Matt Baughman, one of the Boy Scout Rangers, who not only provided a truck plus a really big trailer but helped with the loading at the old field.  It helped tremendously with making the move able to happen in one big trip.

Rick Hanners,  Club Secretary

Fellow Buzzards,

Today (Moving Day 04-26-2014) went smoothly and seamlessly.

Only for one reason……. TEAM work and participation.

Those in attendance were….

Tom Fixel, Vince Bell, Jay Bell, Rick Hanners, Mark Weeks, Al Morse, Brian Richardson, Bryan Reightley, Ron Beba, Ron Swift, Paul Dibble, John Rennert, Dick Broderson, Scott Curtis, Norm Curtis, Tim Shegrud, Jim Reynolds and Chet Blake.


Ranger Matt Baughman and Jordan Anderson(?)

We were in at the old field by 9:30 and out by 11:00

At the new field by 11:30 and out by 1:00.

Please, please, please… if I have missed anyone, let me know.

Thanks to all for a hard days work made short plus the truck, trailers and tools brought.