October 23, 2016

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to drop you all a note and share a couple pf pictures from yesterday 10-22-16.

Dart was able to drop off 2 more loads of gravel on Wednesday and effectively finish the parking lot, pit area for the year.

While the last couple of weeks were very rainy and there was even water over the road (north end)  the parking lot and pits, there was NO standing water. We will have more to do next spring to flatten out the bumps and address any low spots that arise during the winter, but this project has made Huge improvements to our facility.

We had a group of guys that took advantage of the sun and flew, without having to wear boots.

Bryan brought out the new refrigerator  and placed it in the barn. After a couple day to let things settle down we will switch things over to the new fridge. Thanks Bryan!

I can't stress how much work has been done to make this field and club top notch, thanks to all those who worked so hard this year to accomplish a ton. 

Mark Weeks

Buzzards Secretary


September 10, 2016

Phase 2     Now Complete
Bring in crushed gravel to raise the driving parking are and pits, from the north to the first Cherry tree. Crushed rock will great a firmer drive area and also allow water to flow down slope.


September 3, 2016

Phase Two:
Saturday September 10th we will have the gravel for phase 2 delivered and spread. While this will cause some disruption regarding parking and some of the pit stations, the field will be open for business. At times we may need to suspend flights while the truck moves in and out. Thanks for you understanding and  we are looking forward to completing this phase and getting ready to start phase 3. I will keep you posted as more information is available.

On another note SUNDAY September 18th will be the floats and boats event at Lake Hughs. Get you toys ready for this fantastic event.  Invite your friends and family.

Field Improvements Project
The field committee met this past Saturday and came up with a plan for field improvements and how to proceed with them.  In this process they looked at three main areas, the condition of the field, Pits and parking areas. With a group consensus the pits/driving area should be the first area to work on. This will be handled in 3 phases, sometime in August, September or early October as the ground and time allows. Len Douma has volunteered his time and tractor for phase 1 of the project. Flight stations will remain approximately where they are currently located.

We currently have a runway approximately 60 feet wide and 470 feet long. I have attached a photo of the field and pits for you to look over. Bring your questions or comments to the July meeting.

(See Picture Below)

Phase 1     Now Complete
Cut back bank in area 1 approximately 5 feet and created a slope that will hold position. The dirt removes will be moved to the north part of the runway approach to fill in low areas.
Drain pipe may need to be place in this area.  

Phase 2     Now Complete
Bring in crushed gravel to raise the driving parking are and pits, from the north to the first Cherry tree. Crushed rock will great a firmer drive area and also allow water to flow down slope.

Phase 3
Extend gravel south in both pit area and along the bank to allow a drivable area.

General Projects
These projects are some that either an individual or small group can take on;
Complete lost plane lane: Markís project. Bridge complete now shoring up the walkway and extending on the other side of the creek.
 Layout handicap parking spot (after Phase 3 complete)
Move dirt pile North end of runway
Re-Align Frequency board with runway:
Add dirt and grass seed to runway: This will be done in small areas to allow use of the runway through the year.  
In Progress

Add second shelter to North pit/sailplane  area: (looked at after Phase 3 complete)
Widen runway overfly area east side of the field (Possible after phase 1 depending on time). This is just knocking down high spots to allow better drainage of the field and may allow the possibility of mowing.
Helicopter pad: South end of the field just off runway: Mark volunteered for this project.  


August 10, 2016

Aerial View of Barnyard Buzzards Field


Completed Rescue Path and Road Flags.

 Completed Rescue Path

 The End of the Rescue Path

 Long Aerial Shot of Rescue Path

The gold tensil has been replaced with flags

July 31, 2016

Heli Pad Installed at Barnyard Buzzards Field


Dart Test New Heli Pad

Mark Re-Testing Heli Pad

July 12, 2016

Mark Weeks Completes the Bride Over the Creek

Frame Work of the New Bridge 

View From Across the Bridge

View of Other Side of the Creek

June 20, 2016

New Pilot Station Netting

The Team

Old Style on Left, New Netting on the Right


June 4, 2016

I would like to send a special thanks to those who showed up at the work party today.  We got a few of the project knocked out and they all look great. The roof over the charging station is installed;   flight station tables got a coat of paint. The Carport sun shade is set up and providing much needed shade. The tall grass next to the runway has been cut back thanks to Jayís brush hog.  Thanks goes out to Jay Bell, Chet Blake, Vince Bell. Tim Shegrud , Julia Shegrud, Steve Anderson, Dart Sharp, Brian Douma and Mark Weeks for all the hard work.  

Also at from the work party we have a new member, please welcome Dart Sharp the next time you see him at the field.

Thanks again everyone

Mark Week, Buzzard Secretary




April 17, 2016

GPS Location & Elevation Added to Frequency Board

Nice Addition to the Frequency Board

Key Hooks!! - Store you car keys here to
Remind You to Take Your AMA Card When You Leave the Field!

March 30, 2016

A flight log as been added to the frequency board.


September 08, 2015

A new landing aid has been installed on the west end of the runway.  This is to help keep adiquate altitude over the road during landing from west to east.  

Over the last few weeks, we've installed new wiring to accommodate the charging table and refrigerator.  This phase of the project is completed.  We are planning to add 12V DC power buss over the next few months.

New Landing Aid West End of Runway

Ron & Jay Working on Charging Table

Charging Table in Place

Close up of Table

AC Recepitcals Installed

Switch Boxes

Lights Switch Box

Charging Table Switch Box

August 23, 2015

Hey guys when you are out at the field the next time you may notice a few changes.

  • The Farm equipment has been moved to the upper barn
  • The ground next to the potra-potties has been graded so you can now drive around, the barn.
  • The Spruce has been trimmed and it has opened up the south end of the fieldís view.
  • Fill has been added to some of the low spots in the pit area, (More to come)
  • Gravel has been added to the hole by the gate and at the North corner of the barn.
  • A New electrical circuit is being installed to allow better access to charge batteries and such.

Thanks to Len, Brian, Mark and Jay for the tractor work. Ron and Jay for the electrical work. The field is starting to come along. There are still projects to be accomplished. Ideas and help are always welcome. Contact Jay or Mark.


June 27, 2015

A few brave souls braved the heat and tackled a couple of projects Saturday. We rebuilt one of the large flat-top tables replacing the rotten wood, and then gave it a new coat of paint. Also painted was the Porta-potty screen.  One of the smaller tables had its rear leg shortened so it sits flatter.

Also a friend of mine donated a fridge and the fridge was installed in the barn so you/we can keep drinks cold while we are flying in the heat of the day.  Remember that it is not for long term storage and NO alcoholic beverages

Thanks to Ron Rueter, Vince Bell, Chet Blake, Jay Bell, Mark Weeks, guest and possible new member Jay Wellan. We also had another guest Eric Davis,  stop out and see what we were up to , they seemed to really like what we had accomplished and will set up a time to come out a fly with us soon.

Removing the old top screws

There are a lot of screws in this top!

A friendly discussion on what's next

Trimming the new top

New top installed and table painted.

The Mark Weeks Donated Fridge

June 13, 2015

Jay Bell and Dick Resler built a bulletin board and frequency board wall and placed it behind the pits at mid field.  Chet Blake and Mark Week, help in the installation.  The frequency board itself was rebuilt by Rick Hanners last year.

Mark & Dick Hold Board while Jay
Attaches Support Brace

Installing Brace

All Support Braces in Place

Frequency -Bulletin Board In Place

Beautiful Installation by Jay and Dick

June 13, 2015

The potties were moved outside and the Rangers asked that we have them hidden from view on the road.  Jay came up with a design plan.  Jay Bell, Vince Bell, Chet Blake, Bryan Reightley, Ron Rueter, and Mark Weeks put the plan to action.  There is a little more work to finish the project at some point in the future.  



November 30, 2014

It snowed Friday night.  Three brave souls decided to go to the field anyway.  Well the trip wasn't as easy as we thought.  A tree had fallen across the road about 200 yards from the store on Monroe Camp Road and took down power lines.  So we had to turn around and use the back entrance through Camp Pigott.  Chet Blake, Jay Bell and Ron Rueter braved the cold and snow.

The Road To The Field Is Blocked

Lake Hughes On The Way To The Field via Camp Pigott

Snowy Field

Snow Snow Snow

More Snow

Chet Starting His Quad

Flying In The Cold & Snow

Jay Getting His Plane Ready to Fly

Jay's Plane Tracks - To Much Snow - Didn't Take Off!

September 27, 2014

As you may have noticed, Fall is here and the rains have come once again.  So, we don't have to worry about watering the field until sometime next year.  The sprinklers have been moved to the edge of the field and do NOT need to be moved back to the center of the field.  Jay will disassemble and store them until next year.
Thanks to all those who have helped with watering during our summer of record breaking number of days over 80 degrees.

September 13, 2014

We had a good turnout for the fertilizing of the runway.  It took about an hour and half to mow and fertilize.  Chet and Jay thanks the following for their efforts:  Dick Broderson, Mark Weeks, Ron Rueter, Chet Blake, Jay Bell, John Rennert, Al Morse, Bryan Reightley

September 9, 2014

"Jay has noticed that the sprinklers are moved  by people to use the runway but are not put back when they are done.   It take 3 people to move them successfully without breaking some PVC plus it takes an amazingly long time to do it by a single person if they need to be moved back, again without breaking some PVC.  So please, do not attempt to move any of the sprinklers alone and if they are moved by a group, put them BACK once you are done flying!!"

Please heed this directive so none of the sprinkler stations get ruined.  Thanks.

Rick Hanners, Club Secretary

August 26, 2014


How Many Buzzards' Does it Take to Repair A Water Hose?


August 23, 2014


Dick Broderson and Jay Bell team up to mow the fields grass for the first time.  The runway is looking very good.  We even have grass growing in the pits/parking area thanks to Ron Swift and John Rennert.


August 14, 2014


The watering schedule has been updated, please download for your information.  If you can help with the watering, please let Jay Bell know what days you can help.  
Click here for the water schedule.
 Click here for instructions,


August 10, 2014


The grass is growing GREAT!   Thanks to Jay Bell for his watering system and volunteers stopping by to turn the water on and off and we've addled a timer to automatically turn the water off (thanks Chet for the timer loan).  We need members to fill in the schedule as there are a lot of days in August and September that need members to sign up for watering.  Please let Jay Bell know what days you can help.


July 31, 2014


Volunteers Needed to Water the Field

Hi Guys,

                 Yep, yet another message from me.  I got an email from Jay Bell, our Field Manager that the irrigation system is operational.  However, it does require that a human being supervise and physically move a hose to do the watering.  Our robotic/internet control system just wonít be on line to do it for, ahh, quite a few years.  So this is what Jay asked me to pass along:

NEEDED -  volunteers to water the new field!

The irrigation system is in and the whole field has gotten some water in the past few days but we need to establish a regular schedule to keep the ground moist. We need someone to start watering in the morning, another person, three to four hours later, to change  over the water to the next unit and a third person to shut off in the evening. With enough volunteers it will be easy on everybody. My e-mail address is walterbell@comcast.net

So Jay needs Volunteers in order to start a watering schedule.  Iím not sure how often watering needs to be done or for how long this will go on but Jay will be able to coordinate all of that with the people who contact him.  So member help is needed, especially you retired guys!!!  

Please contact Jay ASAP PLEASE!!!

Rich Hanners - Club Secretary


July 29, 2014

Jay Bell has assembled some of the sprinkler systems needed to water the runway.  Two sprinklers at a time will water a portion of the runway.  There will be 7 assemblies to cover the length of the runway.  The final configuration should be completed by the end of the week.  The assemblies are designed so that we don't have to drag water hoses over the hydroseeding.


July 26, 2014

A Work Party attacked the parking/pits area (Jay Bell, Vince Bell, Chet Blake,Bryan Reightley, Ron Rueter and Ron Swift) .  Cleaned most of the left over Blackberry stalks sticking above ground, removed a few hundred rocks, and spread grass seed the parking/pits area.  Several discussions on how to water the field took place and Jay is going to put together a sample of his plan and test soon.  

Grass seed in the Parking/Pits Area

The Hard Working Crew (Ron Swift is Behind the Camera)

View of the Hydroseeding on the Runway


July 19, 2014

Rob, the dirt guy, Hydroseeded the runway today.  Here are a few pictures of the finished hydroseeding.



July 19, 2014

Hi Guys,
Thought I'd pass on the latest information I have.  Basically the hydroseeding DID NOT get done this week.  Rob, the dirt guy, has a cabin that is near one of the wild fires here in the state.  He has taken pumps and other equipment, plus some crew members, with him to protect the cabin as much as possible.  He has not only postponed our job but another hydroseeding job he was going to combine ours with.  I'm hearing Monday as the projected date but at this point I'm not really sure when it will get done.  When I know I'll let you guys know.  As you know Sh*t happens.

On another note, Hanson's field (Emerald City RC) is closed due to some permit issue that they hope will be cleared up as soon as possible.  Not sure how this will impact other clubs in the area but with all the hubbub going on over the FAA proposed rules, it is just one more thing to worry about.  We can only hope that the county government goes back to sleep and/or looks elsewhere to flex its muscles and stroke its ego.

Rick Hanners, Club Secretary


July 15, 2014


Hydroseeding has been postponed until later this week.  Thursday or Friday, July 17th or 18th.  So the possible good news is that the delay in hydro seeding might work out well.  According to Weather Underground for Lake Roesiger, possible rain Sat, Mon and Tues.


July 11, 2014


Hi Guys,

              Now that the basic construction of the runway has been completed, we are waiting to get it hydroseeded, which as I've been told will be done on MONDAY.  In the meantime access to the whole runway area has been blocked off so NO CARS can drive on any part of it otherwise erosion ruts could be started before we hydroseed.  So for now entrance on to the newly formed runway area is off limits as I sure you can all understand.  As things develop, I'll be sending out more emails to let you know our status.

Rick Hanners, Club Secretary



July 9, 2014


Grading of the runway and parking area has been completed.
 The next phase is to plant grass on the runway.



July 5, 2014

    Here are two aerial views of the new field runway construction.

Photo by Chet Blake

Photo by Jay Bell 


July 2, 2014


The runway construction has begun.  I went to the field to see what has been accomplished so far - A good start.  See pictures below.





May 2, 2014

Hi Guys,

I wanted to let everyone know that today I received a copy of the landowners insurance certificate from the AMA.  So now the Camp Brinkley site is available without worry as the site owner is now covered.  While the site isn't fully developed yet, those that feel that they want to fly there as it is, can now do so knowing that we and the land owner are covered by the AMA insurance.  Onward and upward.

Rick Hanners, Club Secretary

Hi Guys,

  One thing I forgot to mention in my last email, flying at Lake Hughes is also covered, not just the primary site.

Rick Hanners, Club Secretary

April 27, 2014

Aerial Photos of Barnyard Buzzards Field

View Looking North
View Looking East

View Looking South East

View Looking South

View Looking West

View of Barn and Corral

April 22, 2014

I have attached some pictures I took yesterday near the entrance to our new field.  Rangers Dave and Matt have been busy getting ready for our big move this weekend.  Most members are already aware they installed a gate creating our own entrance to the flying field and rebuilt the sliding barn door improving access to our storage.  I would like everyone to know yesterday they widened the new access road, placed 10 yards of crushed rock, and cleared around the backside of the barn.  WOW what great landlords!!!  Thanks Dave and Matt!!!       Bryan Reightley


March 9, 2014

Photos of the gate, barn and field area.  Photos by Chet Blake.

Left Picture is of the New Gate the Landlord Installed.        Right Picture is the New Door the Landlord Installed

A panoramic view of the field looking North

February 5, 2014

Hi Guys,

              I'm happy to report that the meeting the board had this evening with the representative from the Chief Seattle Council, went extremely well.  Scott Findley, Director of Support Services for the Chief Seattle Council, was the representative from the Boy Scouts and after reviewing the documents that we presented him with, he was empowered to sign both the Hold Harmless Agreement and the tentative lease agreement that we had presented to him.

Chet Blake and Scott Findley Signing Agreements

So we now have a new piece of land that we will need to develop as our new home!  

Also in attendance was Bryan Reightley who first came up with the possibility, while working at the scouts property, that the Buzzards might be able to secure a part of the large scout property for our new home.  He had interfaced with Scott Findley as well as the two rangers while working at the scout property and found out that they were very receptive to the idea of having a model airplane club located on their property.  The rest is history.

The boards will next arrange a meeting with the individual who has the equipment and personnel available to move dirt and start the field development process.  Moving dirt and such, isn't going to be happening anytime soon as more planning will be involved first but things will continue to move forward and we will try and keep you as informed about developments in as timely a manner as possible.  Tentatively we are planning on having a "Going Away" get together sometime in April similar to the last blow out that we had at our old field on Dale's property.  More information to come as details are worked out.

I also wanted to remind everyone that the next Buzzard meeting is NEXT TUESDAY FEB. 11th @ 6:30pm at Alfy's Pizza in Monroe.  We will go over the details of the lease as one of our points of discussion, so hope to see as many people as possible there.

On another note, the NW Model Expo runs this Friday thru Sunday (Feb. 7th - 9th).  I've attached a Word document that shows who has signed up to work at the club booth as well as volunteer to help at the show itself.  Ron is still looking for volunteers for either or both functions.  So please look at the attached schedule and if you would like to sign up for any time or day that is open, please contact Ron Swift.  Contact information below.

Thanks for you time.

Rick Hanners
Buzzard Secretary

Ron Swift

February 1, 2014

Hi Guys,

              Just wanted to let you know what has been happening since the last meeting.  Currently we have put together a tentative lease agreement and a suggested Hold Harmless Agreement.  The Hold Harmless Agreement is actually the Boy Scouts standard one but we have tentatively asked for a number of items to be removed from it because they just don't make sense based on who we are and what we are trying achieve.

     So this coming Tuesday (2/4/14) we are going to have a meeting with the Boy Scouts representative to see if we can't finalize the wording for both a lease and the Hold Harmless Agreement.  I'm pretty sure we should be able to work it all out.  I'm not clear on what happens after that but I think the documents would then be presented for a final approval by the Chief Seattle Council.  So things are moving forward and I'll send out an update about things after the meeting.  All of this will also be presented at the February meeting on Feb. 11th at Alfy's.  So try and make the meeting, the more the merrier.

     A quick reminder also that Dues are Due.  You do have until the March meeting to get your dues in but sooner is always better than later as it helps with planning for the year knowing what we have available.

     Also for those interested, the NW Model Expo is going to be held Feb 7th thru the 9th.  Ron Swift is looking for people who would like to volunteer their time for setting up and tearing down the equipment for the show plus I think possible other duties.  In addition the club has a table again this year and would like volunteers to help man such.  For either sign up please contact Ron.  His contact information is provided below or get it off the website.

Rick Hanners
Buzzard Secretary


January 14, 2014

                We had a pretty good meeting tonight and Ranger Dave from the Boy Scouts was able to answer a lot of questions about the property that will most likely become our new home.  Chet had drawn a map off of a Google Earth view of the place and then put in various distance measurements.  At the meeting we had a large blow up of the map on the wall so Dave could point to various areas as questions got brought up about different items.  To those at the meeting, I also handed out 8.5"x11" handouts of the same map so everyone could follow along.

In any case, Chet wanted me to make sure that every member had at least seen this map, even if you were at the meeting.  So find attached the pdf copy of that map.  Any questions, direct them to Chet, myself or any board member and we will do our best to get you the answers.  Thanks.

Rick Hanners
Club Secretary

Clink here to download pdf file.