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On August 13, 2016, the Barnyard Buzzards held our inaugural Open House in association with the AMA National Model Aviation Day.  The AMA has set aside a date for the last three years for The National Model Aviation Day for clubs to promote our hobby and to raise funds for charities.  

The Barnyard Buzzards Open House was publicized in The Daily Herald, the Monroe Monitor and the Snohomish County Tribune.  The Monroe Monitor even sent out a photographer to record some of the activity.

The Guest log was not well utilized as only 17 people signed it.  But I remember seeing at least 10 more there that, apparently, did not sign in.  So the official count is 27 for our event!

By the time the Open House started we were already down to two trainer aircraft available for our introductory flights and they were kept busy and flying until mishaps grounded them both.  Luckily Ron Swift was able to use his Jerry’s big Boy to let the last couple of visitors get a chance to fly.  I want to thank Vince Bell and Ron Swift for their time and enthusiasm in their buddy box training of all of the visitors at the open house. I also want to extend my appreciation to John Rennert for providing his Senior Telemaster for Ron to use for the introductory training sessions.  Bryan Reightley and Paul Dibble attempted to set up two of their transmitters so that Bryan could provide his ParkZone Radian for introductory flights as well but they were unable to get their transmitters to talk to each other.

In addition to the introductory training stations, many of our club members were there providing demonstration flights of all kinds of aircraft, including sail planes, sport craft, scale craft, EDFs and even multi-rotors for our visitors’ enjoyment.

Safeway of Monroe sponsored our BBQ.  Roughly 32 hotdogs were served with accompanying chips.  Donations at the hotdog stand netted $89.00 in donations for the Sky-Valley Food Bank.

I am not experienced in hosting events of any size so this was a learning experience for me.  I have identified lots of missteps I made and hope to improve in many areas when we do this again next year.

I wish to extend my appreciation to everyone that was there for their help in setting up, tearing down and for being approachable and friendly to all of our guests.  Everyone there was involved in several conversations about flying, building and our club.

In spite of all my shortcomings we had a nice turnout with lots of participation from our club members.  I think we all represented ourselves well.  I heard at least a couple visitors comment that they intend to get a plane and come out again.

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