June 9, 2018 Float & Fly Posponed Until June 16, 2018


 After hours and hours of thought (sometimes a task in itself), headaches (not really), eye squinting (a real pain) and soul searching (maybe not) and checking with every weather man in the great North West

(yea right), it has been decided to postpone the Float n Fly due to 90% or more chance of a rain out (as per every weather app we could find).

 Your Club Leadership cares about you and wants you (and us) to have every opportunity to have a great day so the new date and time is next Sat 6/16 same start time at 10:00am.

(besides flying an boating in the rain sucks).

 We hope you can make the new date and support the event as always and make it a Great Buzzards Day to come and play in the water J.

(Just for the record, Steve Pool gets it right sometimes)!

 See ya next Saturday,

 Chet Blake  BBMAC Secretary