Saturday, June 7th, FLOAT PLANE/BOAT Club Event.  Starting time 10AM!!

As you should know by now, in addition to the new flying site the club is going to be developing, we also have access to the large lake, Lake Hughes, on the scout property.  So the club is going to hold its first event at the lake for flying with with any capable water craft you might have available.  This will include model boats and anything you think could possibly survive a dunk in the water.  

I know that most of you don't even know how to get to the lake.  Hey, I don't know where the mystery location is either!!  In any case, I'm supposed to be supplied with a map and directions.  I was told that going in the Camp Pigot entrance would be best.  I will be sending out another email with how to get to the mystery location.  In the meantime, start preping anything you have that you would like to bring to the event.

This is the first time the club is trying something like this.  So there no doubt will be, shall we say, obstacles here and there but we shall figure it all out.  So mark your calendars and try your hand at a different type of airfield.

Rick Hanners, Club Secretary

Well, got some directions to our event location.  So here is how to get there:

As you drive on Woods Creek Road, maybe a mile past the Silo without a farm on the left, there's a short section of chain link fence on the left that makes absolutely no sense.

Use that as a land mark and start watching to the right and you'll see the Camp Pigot sign real quick. (This is still on Woods Creek, way before SL Rossiger or Monroe Camp Road).

Turn there, drive past the 'no public access' sign, and go past a yellow gate on the left and continue a short ways to a 4 way stop.

Turn right, follow this up around Hughes Lake east side and continue until the big gravel parking lot on the right after dropping down a slight grade.

That's the area we will have to park at and shuttle in you stuff in OR you can continue on the road to the dock area (second dock), drop drop your stuff off and then continue to take the road the rest of the way thru and it comes out at that same 4 way stop. Drive around and then park at the big gravel lot.

It's pretty easy, there is very limited area at the dock area. This dock is kind of center of the lake.

Rick Hanners, Club Secretary