BBMAC Builder’s Contest Rules 2021

The following are the rules for the 2021 Builder’s Contest.

The model shall have been completed and in an operable state in the present contest year. If you started the build some years ago and finished it in the present contest year that well be acceptable.

i.e. contest year is from the last builders contest to the present years builder contest.

No model completed in a prior year may be entered.

The model shall not be built by a more experienced or professional builder for the contestant. Get all the help and advice you need from a consultant, but remember the consultant is just that a consultant not the builder.

An unfinished model may be entered in an unfinished state one time.

Judging will be done by members in attendance at the meeting. People’s Choice format. We will have Kit or plan Built and ARF’s for categories.

Contestants will be given a short time to describe their entry. Time will depend on the number of entries and time available for the contest.

Judges will be looking for the following and point given or reduced as seen fit by the individual Judge. Points must be within the parameters indicated on the Judge’s work sheet.

Full points will not be awarded for an unfinished entry.

Points will be added for an operational model only if it is documented on the entry sheet that it has functioned for the purpose that was built for.

i.e. Aircraft shall have made at least one flight and landed under control. A boat should have floated and be controlled on the water and return to its starting point. Same idea for other contraptions

Points will be awarded for construction workmanship, covering, and finish.

Points will be awarded for engine (motor) installation and control system.

Points will be awarded for control linkage that is installed properly with an eye for reliable and safety.

For ARF’s only changes and/or improvement made by the builder will be considered. Must be detailed on the entry form or a separate sheet attached to the entry form. We will not be judging $50.00 ARF against a $500.00 ARF, only what the builder did to embellish or improve the model.

June 9, 2021, will be the date for the Builder’s Contest this year