Barnyard Buzzards Annual Auction and Open House on July 14th starting 10:00 AM at our club field, 25821 Monroe Camp Rd Snohomish, WA 98290. AMA members are welcome to fly before and after the auction!There are three areas reserved for items to be auctioned: Sky Valley Food Bank (our club charity), Club, and Owner. The Barnyard Buzzards MAC becomes the owner by default for the charity and club auction items. The proceeds go to the owner. There will be tables assigned for Charity, Club Benefit and Owner items.

The auction will be run “Chinese” style, meaning the owner reserves the right to refuse the final bid and remove the item from the auction. This prevents low ball bids and hard feelings. Payment for all items is be- tween the owner and the high bidder. Contact Ron Swift with any questions: call (425) 788-6045 or email

The idea is to have fun and possibly get some project items for the building season! We have lots of RC kits, planes, boats, engines, transmitters, batteries, etc. in the auction! We will auction any item you want to bring. It is recommended you label your items with your name, a description and requested initial bid and bring a table for your items! We will have several tables at the club field for the auction, first come first served. You can bring your items starting at 8:30 AM. Food will be served starting at 12:30 PM.