Buzzards Tank Event

CD Jason Milsom


  RC tank competition will be conducted in a non-formal manner and will include a variety of short timed events including:

  Team Deathmatch: 2 teams will battle for supremacy by simply killing the other team while protecting yourself and team mates. If your tank is knocked out one time you are out of the game. This will be a fast paced short game.

   Last man standing: You have no team mates, everyone is your enemy. all you have to do is be the last one surviving. 

  Time trial: You will be challenged to get the best lap time around a pre-determined course . 

   Capture the Territory. This is a team based game where your team will try to capture and hold particular territories on the battlefield. the first team to take all of them wins, You must arrive and protect the area for 2 minutes for it to be considered captured. It can be re-captured by the enemy if left undefended. If your tank is knocked out you can remove it from the battlefield and after waiting 2 minutes you can re-enter as reinforcements. 

All battles are conducted with IR battle system (no airsoft). While this system is far from perfect if suspect tanks must prove they are capable of making and receiving hits at a reasonable distance.  Please be sure your tanks are in reasonable working order and the IR receiver is not blocked by hatches, figures etc.

  If you lose a track during an event you can continue as best you can without it or pick up your tank and remove it from play, start the 2 minute timer (you can repair it during this time) and re-enter.

See you on the battlefront!!!