Buzzards Glider Event

CD Bryan Reightley

The 5th annual BBMAC glider event is scheduled this year for May 14th.  

Sign-ups begin at 9:30. A pilots meeting will be held at 10:00 with the first launch at 10:15. This is a fun event for pilots of all skill levels.  

All you need is a motorized glider and a couple batteries.  Many contestants fly Radians, but any glider will do.


Competition consists of 4 timed rounds.

1st three rounds have a 30 second motor run to get to altitude

Round 1  5 miniute flight.

Round 2  7 Miniute Flight

Round 3  10 minute flight

Round 4  Unlimited motor run.  30 Minute flight time.


The goal is to soar for the duration. One point will be awarded for each completed minute in the air following the power up.  

Extra points are awarded for landing accuracy regardless of duration.  

One point will be awarded for landing on the runway.  

Three points will be awarded if any portion of your glider is within or touching the circle painted on the runway.  

A score sheet will be kept with awards given for the three top pilots and the best club pilot who is a novice to the event.  

Generally, we have enough pilots we launch in two consecutive groups per round.  

The final round begins with a mass launch (all pilots) with a duration goal of 30 minutes.  

Don't forget to launch with a full battery as unlimited motor run time is allowed throughout this round.  

Double landing accuracy points will also be added in the final round.


Bailing out:  It's recommended you power up at any time if needed to save your plane or avoid a dangerous situation.  Earned points will still be awarded based on time.  No added landing points will be allowed. If a bailout is needed, please make a call out so your flight time can be recorded.


Everyone is encourage to participate.  It's recommended you pair up with someone as your spotter.  

This person can be other pilots or anyone wanting in on the fun.  Spotters help improve safety on the field.  

They can also help track your time and provide intel on where to find thermals.