Micro Quad Race 1 April 8th  
Micro Quad Race 2 May 13th  
Micro Quad Race 3 June 10th  
Micro Quad Race 4 July 8th  
Micro Quad Race 5 August 12th  
Micro Quad Race 6 September 9th  
Micro Quad Race 7 October 14th  


BarnYard Buzzards Mini Quad FPV Racing Challenge Ojective:

 • Promote safe and social interaction between BBMAC members and non-members

 • Allow for ‘racers’ to improve their quad and FPV flying skills

 • Allow for ‘racers’ to increase their technical / electronic skills

Participation Requirements:

• AMA membership

• BBMAC members in good standing may participate at no additional cost

• Non-BBMAC members will be charged a $5.00 per race fee Quad Equipment Specification:

• Any quad FPV powered by a single, 1s battery o Larger airframes maybe considered at the request / agreement of the club members

• Multi-channel quad video transmitter and multi-channel FPV video receiver (googles or screen monitor acceptable)

• It is recommended that racers have sets of different colored blades to uniquely identify their quad racer from the other participants Schedule:

• TBD • Suggest a trial be setup in Jan 2022 to test process and guidelines

• Recommend at least 1 day / month (Sat or Sun) from Feb – Nov Description:

• For each race day, ‘racers’ will be divided into groups / heats of not more than 3 - 6 racers per heat

• Each racer will participate in 4 heats • Each heat will consist of 3 minutes of flight time

• Racers will race around the course in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction as directed by the contest director of the day

• The course will consist of at least two gates that the racers will navigate each gate in succession in the specified direction

• Racers may substitute quads at their discretion as along as the conform to the equipment rules for the specific heat Race Process:

• Racers for current heat will be notified 5 minutes before race heat start and the course direction will be announced o Racers should move to the Racer Station and confirm their video frequency o Racers are encouraged to position their racers in the Prestart area and ready all equipment

    o All racers must start on the ground or in flight from the Prestart Area

• A one minute pre-race warning will be announced to Heat Racers o All heat racers must have their quads in the Prestart Area

    o Racers may begin flight but must stay within the Prestart Area

• A 30 second race start warning will be announced o It is recommended that all racers start flight but all racers must stay within the Prestart Area

• At 10 seconds to race the CD will begin a 10 second count down and then announce ‘Race’ to begin the race o All quads must stay in the Prestart Area until the ‘Race’ command is given

    o Racers leaving the Prestart Area prior to the ‘Race’ command will be docked 5 points from their overall score

• Upon the ‘Race’ command, all Racers may leave the Prestart Area and begin navigating the course in the direction provided, starting with Gate 1, and proceeding through the gates as outlined in the course map.

• To complete a gate the racer must fly the quad through the specific gate in the specific direction. A racer is allowed to attempt the gate as many times as necessary to complete the gate. Each gate must be completed before moving to the next gate.

• Racers will continue the race circuit until the 3 min race clock expires

• The CD will announce the 1 min and 30 second remaining, and then count down the last 10 seconds and with time the heat will be completed.

• Racers unable to complete the race due to pilot error, collision, battery voltage, or mechanical failure will retain the points earned but will not be able to recover and reenter the race for safety reasons



o 10 points will be awarded for each heat entered and completing at least one gate

o 1 point will be awarded for each gate successfully completed

o Finish / placing points will be awarded as follows:

o First – 15 points

o Second – 10 points

o Third – 5 points


Racing Challenge Series Each racers total scores will accumulate from each race event and at the end of the Race Challenge season the top 3 racers will be recognized at the end Info to come



Here is a option that you can use:  Thanks to Dart for sourcing this

Brand: Betafpv

Model: cetus pro

BetaFPV Cetus Pro RTF Kit – ProgressiveRC  229.00