The club Special Service Award was an idea which came from a meeting of the Executive Committee in 2002. Dave Weber proposed that an award be given to the club member, not currently a officer, who demonstrated service above and beyond.
In 2003, the club membership voted to rename this award the Dave Weber Special Service Award in honor of the originator of the award who demonstrated these qualities during the 3 years he served the club as president. The club also voted to extend eligibility to the current club officers.


A new trophy was created that the award winner keeps for the year. A new recipient is voted the winner by the club membership during the December meeting. The club president presents a certificate to the winner during the January meeting. The previous winner has the new award winner's name added to the trophy and presents it to the winner, also during the January meeting.

2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 Winner - Jay Bell

Jay Bell has performed above and beyond during the last 4 years as Field Manager.  He maintained the old field and was instrumental in getting the new field planed and implemened.  His unique water system at the new field enabled flying in a short period of time.

2010 Winner - Chet Blake

As President, Chet continued to work hard to keep our current field.  He wrote and presented a proposal to our landlord, who accepted, thus allowing us to stay at our field for awhile longer.

2009 Winner - Chet Blake

As President, Chet guided the club forward keeping the club on track.  Chet led our effort to find another field.  His efforts and positive additude helped keep the clubs spirits high

2008 Winner - Ron Rueter


The award winner for 2008, Ron Rueter (left) receives the trophy from Fred Hanquet. Ron has been our field manager for the past few years and recently elected our new Vice President!. Thank you for all of your contributions to the community and the club!

2007 Winner - Fred Hanquet


The award winner for 2007, Fred Hanquet (right) receives the trophy from Vince Bell. Fred has been the club president for the past 2 years. On top of that he has held the esteemed place as the master chef, Saturday breakfast club organizer, and cheerleader for all of us as we flew. The wall that fell on him at work would have stopped most of us dead in our tracks, but Fred continued to support the club and our projects as he recovers. Hurray, Fred! A well earned recognition for your contributions in 2007!


Fred receives the plaque (that he gets to keep) from Vince Bell. We all hope you recover soon and can rejoin us at the flight line!
Sandy DuVall donates these plaques to the club so the winner will have a lasting reminder.

2006 Winner - Vince Bell


The award winner for 2006, Vince Bell has been an instructor for the club for many years. At the field, he is always quietly volunteering to help other pilots with wringing out their models. As safety office, we have a good record and his insights help us keep it that way. Many thanks, Vince, for all you do!

2005 Winner - Ron Swift


The award winner for 2005, Ron Swift (left), receives the trophy from club Vice President, Brian Richardson and the 2004 winner, Joe Goffin (center).
Ron served as the club president for the 3 years (2003-2005). Ron provided many presentations for the program during our club meetings. Ron edits our club newsletter, manages our web site, works as a flight instructor, and volunteered as the host of our scout pilot experience program. (Ron also managed to win 2nd place in most of the club competitions this year as well!)

2004 Winner - Joe Goffin

Joe_Goffin_1_05.jpg - 44610 Bytes

The award winner for 2004, Joe Goffin (center), receives the certificate from club president, Ron Swift (right), and Secretary, Bob Martin, just before the January 2004 club meeting. Joe worked with many of the club members to help get the field in the shape we enjoy it today. You can see the project photos here and here.

Rick receives his certificate

Rick receives the trophy

The award winner for 2003, Rick Hanners, receives the certificate from club president, Ron Swift, during the February 2004 club meeting. Rick created the new club Pilot Instruction and Training program and led four other instructors in the initial discussion and training.  He continues to do so even today. Rick has trained many club members over the years. Rick also contributed many reviews and building articles to the club newsletter and contributed in our club flying events, like the Cub Scout Outing. Rick has served the club in many capacities, including club secretary and newsletter editor for many years. He is the current club Treasurer for 2006

Rick is awarded the trophy from last years winner, Ron Swift

2002 Winner - Ron Swift


The award winner for 2002 is Ron Swift. Ron moved to the area in June 2001 from Rochester, NY. He joined the Barnyard Buzzards after flying in our club Fun Fly event. He says he was especially impressed with the camaraderie of the club members and especially the help he received from Dick Ovrid and Rick Hanners during the event.
In 2002, Ron worked with many club activities that qualified our club as a Gold Leader Award winner from AMA for the first time. This is an award recognizing clubs for their level of community involvement as well as support of the hobby. Ron attending all the work sessions, club meetings, flying events, organized the
scouting program and more. He is a Pilot Instructor and took on the responsibility for being the club Newsletter Editor and Webmaster. He continues in these roles today for the club.

Photos by Chet Blake, Ron Swift, Diane Martin and Sandy DuVall