President Don Bailey called the meeting to order at 6:30pm

President Bailey introduced the club officers:

President – Don Bailey

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Mark Weeks

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Dart Sharp

21 Club Members were in attendance. Bart Bixel was welcomed as our guest.


Vice President – Vince reported that the next event planned will be the night fly April18th.

Secretary – Mark reported we have 36 paid members at the beginning of the meeting, more to come.

Treasurer –  Vaughan reported that our finances are in good shape.

Safety Officer –  Nothing new to report. Everyone is being safe.

Field Manager – Nothing new. Bryan and Jay performed a tune up on the Cub Cadet mower

Newsletter Editor –always looking for new and event info for the newsletter.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website.


2020 membership dues must be paid before the end of the March business meeting to avoid penalty fee of $25.00.

May 2nd we are going to have a work party. There will be an agenda and some guidance as to the projects that we will tackle coming up before the event.  We need everyone’s help. There is a project for everyone no matter your skill level. A list of projects will be coming out soon.

The updated safety rules should be out soon for the membership to view and comment on.  Mark to send when approved

It was asked when we were going to purchase a new mower after all spring is coming and prices will be on the rise soon.  The board nominated Paul Dibble to head up the purchase and to find the “best price for the Best Mower possible.”


The latest and finial version of the field and safety rules was sent out to the membership and edits have occurred. The new updated version was shared. Motion was made to adopt with a second. Motion passed. Mark to update the web and post at the field as well as sent the new version to the membership.

Paul Dibble has purchased and with the help of Bryan delivered the new mower to the field.  Thanks goes out to Paul and Bryan.

Mark Weeks is nearly done constructing the year round shelter out at the field. This shelter will provide a dry place in the winter to gather as well as a shady area to fly gliders and quads from. Mark also wanted to give a big thank you to Chet and Bryan as they have done so much to help.  Mark reported that there are only a couple things left to do and it is usable as is now.

Ron Swift got word out that there will be a summer swap meet at the Evergreen fairgrounds on July 11th. Check it out at ( There is a large portion of our members that would like to attend the swap meet but we have a conflict with our fun fly the same day. There was a motion to change a couple of events on our schedule to help accommodate this. The Fun Fly is now scheduled for June 27th, and our charity auction will be held on July 18th.

Don Talked about the upcoming work party and how we will split up the tasks. Some of the tasks that we will tackle are the removal of the Cherry Tree, adding steps to the Car Track drivers stand, and reworking a couple of the jumps.  Adding a fresh coat of paint to the flight tables, adding a new top to the 8’ table, covering the new flight stations with netting. Reinstall the awning covers (if not done already). Moving into its new location the 3rd awning. Work on the crawler track, Other ideas?  The plan will be to get the work one quickly have lunch and get some flying in.

Vince reported that he had fabricated 2 more flight stations and all that is needed now is to add the netting.

Bryan and Jay have installed the new flags at the north end of the runway as a reminder that there is a road there and cars and logging trucks that do occasionally use it.

Just a reminder was shared that the club has a Facebook page and it is a good way to share pictures and also make plans to fly with others out at the field.

Show and Tell:  Fred brought his 1938 Thracy Petrides “PB-2” in to share.  Really nice plane. He has converted to electric using a AXI2826 motor on 4S LIPO power to get the 96” wingspan bird off the ground in into the thermals.

PROGRAM: -  Paul Dibble shared a pretty cool bit of software to design wings. SoreSoft is its name and you can find it at  He did a quick demo showing some of its features.  If you want to know more just ask him, I’m sure he will be glad to help.


ADJOURNMENT:    8:00pm

Respectfully submitted by:

Mark Weeks

Club Secretary